Sinead Gorey Summer of Love Collection for London Fashion Week

Sinead Gorey Summer of Love Catwalk Show 

Sinead Gorey debuted her latest collection, British Summer of Love, for the 2024 spring/summer season. As a nod to Britain's influential cultural exports, Gorey showcased her own spin on punk, rave, and Britpop. 

Sinead Gorey
Her show paid homage to the unstoppable charm and optimism that has kept Old Blighty afloat. This was Gorey's first collaboration with Buffalo, resulting in a full footwork collection featuring mules, bondage platforms, and an iconic tribute to Ginger Spice's Union Jack boots. 

Drawing inspiration from her days as a foot-stomping millennial dancing to the beat of The Prodigy and crafting her own identity, Gorey now reigns as London's Clubwear aficionado. 

She expands her repertoire this season to include new signature pieces alongside her original body-enhancing silhouettes. The addition of chenille corsetry, woolenskart cardi sets, acid wash denim, and playful embellishments further elevate the rebellious spirit of Gorey's designs.

As she prepares for her first show in London, she's been reflecting on what it means to embrace British culture. Her brand, which was established in 2019, embodies a mix of sarcasm, pubs, unpredictability, and an unapologetic love for partying - all rooted in the core elements of Britannia and acid house.

Gorey takes pride in following the British tradition of appropriating and reinventing established norms, reflected in her playful incorporation of Union Jacks onto garments such as trompe-l'oeil-breasted tops or Hacienda-striped toggle skirts. 

From off-shoulder dresses to jeans and even Jaws-inspired pieces, Sinead adds touches of soft lace panels or rawhem Daisy Dukes to infuse a sense of sensuality into her designs.

As an homage to iconic British figures like Kate Moss at Glastonbury. Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit's infamous Vanity Fair cover, you'll also find patchworked stripes or vivid full-bleed prints scattered throughout the collection.

The key is to enjoy yourself, says Gorey laughing and looking attractive while braving any weather. The late artist Jamie's typographic designs for the Sex Pistols are mimicked with the phrase "God save the sexy and glamorous" scattered throughout separates.

Gorey brings a playful sense of nostalgia to Court in her latest collection, the beaded tassels of past British institutions like package holidays, hair braiding, and friendship bracelets on The Esplanade. But don't mistake these humble inspirations for anything less than elevated: with Trust body consell buttons and ombre dyes. 

Sinead Gorey transforms them into resort-worthy pieces. Her touch extends to crafting bandage stretch dresses and shirts alongside barbell Pierce bikinis in vibrant shades like Canary yellow, green, pearl, red white, and blue. 

These designs find their perfect match in lace bandage dresses that channel the same energy as those early collections, now infused with references and fabrics inspired by London's squat rave scene - making for a new chapter in Gorey's work that is just as ebullient. 

It all comes full circle for Sinead Gorey as she joins the docks between diverse generations and scenes of British culture, reliving her teenage years through her pulsating designs.

My Verdict 

My fourth day of Lfw 2023 started with a catwalk show by Sinead Gorey. The room was lit a kinky shade of red - in keeping with the designers raunchy designs. The spring summer 2024 women's wear collection was a mix of colours from the Union Jack flag. 

I really enjoyed the show and could definitely see some pieces in my wardrobe. Especially the Union Jack boots and a Union Jack skirt Co-Ord set that has beautiful blue fur. 

What I wore 

On day four of LFW I wore a cream coloured corset top over a long white blouse. On my lower half I paired a black fitted mini skirt with Chunky, knee high sock style boots in cream. The look was perfectly finished off by a beautiful mirror necklace that I had been gifted at the Frolov fashion week show the day before. 

The mirror necklace from Frolov's Moloda collection gave my playful look a touch of Alice in Wonderland vibes. 

About the designer

In 2019, Sinead Gorey emerged as a fusion brand that combines both contemporary and technical designs for women's party wear. With the backing of the BFC and a solo showcase at London Fashion Week, Sinead Gorey has made a remarkable debut in the fashion industry.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant subcultures of London's night scene, the brand has developed a distinctive aesthetic that has become synonymous with an unforgettable evening.

Sinead Gorey is a young designer who has gained recognition from major publications including Vogue, Dazed, ID and Show Studio. She has also collaborated with prominent stores such as Selfridges and SSENSE to create exclusive collections. In addition, the New York Times has identified her as one to watch. 

With a following that includes celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, Megan the Stallion, Kali Uchis, SZA, and Sita Abellan, there is undoubtedly more to come from this talented designer.

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