Gucci's latest fragrance is officially in store today

Gucci Gorgeous Magnolia now available in Harrods

The latest fragrance from Gucci - flora gorgeous magnolia is officially available in store at Harrods today. 

Gucci flora perfume
The first ever Gucci perfume was released in 1974 and was named Gucci No. 1 for Women. Gucci have released more than 100 fragrances since then.

Where my Heart Beats by Gucci is part of the Alchemist garden collection of scents. It is pioneering a new world within fragrance making. 

Unparalleled to those produced before, this scent is created using 100 per cent recycled carbon emissions as its alcohol base. A global first for the brand and Coty, its beauty licensee owned by Kering.

The Alchemist's Garden line, is made using carbon taken from industrial emissions that is then processed into alcohol. It will be offered at $330 for 100ml, comparable to other Gucci fragrances. 

Gucci fragrance
It was rolled out at select merchants, some Gucci outlets and its e-commerce page, with an accompanying digital and PR campaign.

The launch presented a major milestone for the beauty sector, which has been looking at its supply chain architecture and how to manufacture items with fewer emissions. Companies such as L’Oréal and Air Company have been dabbling in carbon recycling, though it remains a challenge due to the infrastructure limitations and high cost of implementation. 

Nevertheless, this new Gucci scent can help bring attention to issues around emissions, although perhaps not reduce them by any great extent. To make a real difference, more long-term approaches are needed for meaningful emission reduction.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Magnolia was created by Daphné Bugey and Marie Salamagne. With top notes of Dewberry and Coconut; middle notes are Magnolia, Jasmine Sambac and Clary Sage; base notes are Musk, Patchouli and Blonde Woods. 

Gucci flora
I personally adore this fragrance and it is my favourite of the three from the flora collection. I'm also a fan of the playful, casual bottle design, which features a burst of flowers. 

The scent is not typical of many fragrances on the market and I'm always on the hunt for a new, distinguishable fragrance to add to my collection.

Patchouli is among the most commonly used ingredients in gucci fragrances. With the rarest ingredient being the broom flower which was used in the brands first ever limited edition fragrance - gucci garden.

This parfum stands out for its use of broom flower, an unconventional but delightful addition to the realm of fragrances. On May 14, 2021, Gucci Garden eau de parfum was released as the newest addition to the The Alchemist's Garden series, Gucci's line of exquisite fragrances. 

This unique scent arrived in a limited number of 1,000 bottles that are individually numbered. The Gucci Garden, born in Florence, is a vibrant and collaborative environment reflecting the brand's ever-evolving aesthetics and systems of thought. 

Offering an array of singularly designed items such as accessories, clothing and presents, it now also showcases a new limited-edition scent.

Gucci perf
Created by esteemed Parfumer Alberto Morillas, the star of Gucci Garden fragrance is broom flower. Historically used in spells for purifying and protecting, as well as for medicinal properties, this ingredient offers a sweet and voluptuous scent that has been rarely used in perfumery. 

Its qualities are floral, honey-like and fruity with a touch of bitterness plus tobacco-like nuances. 

To intensify its sophistication. Violet and benzoin are expertly blended in; violet providing a floral and powdery vibe with slightly sweet notes akin to iris while benzoin is balsamic resin harvested from Styrax trees with a pleasing vanilla-esque aroma. 

Its daintiness is further accentuated by the cinnamon and amber-like balsamic facets giving the complete concoction a truly special floral finish.

The packaging makes the parfum bottle a desirable collectable for those who appreciate the unique look of these objects. Drawing inspiration from century-old apothecary shelves containing perfumery jars and bottles, this lacquered glass bottle features a hand-written label with its own individual number.

This stunning glass flacon is a striking black colour, with 'Gucci Garden' written in gold lettering on the front. The white black-framed label contains an ingredients list printed in a vintage newspaper font, and there's a smaller label displaying the unique hand-written identity number. 

Flora gucci perfume
It's presented in a luxurious black moiré pouch, housed in a carton featuring “Gucci Garden” script and the iconic Gucci Eye and Stars motif, both finished in classic black.

The Gucci Garden fragrance is obtainable exclusively at the boutique located within the Palazzo della Mercanzia, situated in Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy. This breath-taking setting is one of the finest from a bygone era.

Gorgeous magnolia is the third fragrance to become part of the #FloraFantasy universe. Built around Magnolia Essence, believed to harness mystical powers. It's the newest scent from Gucci. Featuring multi-platinum selling recording artist, songwriter, and trailblazer Miley Cyrus in their campaign. 
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