Is one of the most romantic restaurants in the world in Seville?

I think I found one of the worlds most impressive restaurants. Especially if you're a hopeless romantic!

Manolo Leon's House

About Casa Manolo Leon 

Manolo León's journey as a brand started in Matalascañas, a town within the municipality of Almonte, Huelva Province, in 1986.
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Manolo león Leal opened a memorable bar that year - Bar Manolo león. Miguel Ángel gave Manolo Vázquez a helping hand from the start of his journey. The two have been close friends ever since.

In 1994, he opted to introduce a fresh gastronomic idea in Seville's Barrio del Porvenir; providing quality service with barrels and dishes that customers could share at tables.

Bar Manolo León, found on Juan Pablos Street, 8, is the only name that could suit this establishment. The Manolo León Bar has an attractive and timeless décor. The menu is vast and offers an assortment of Tapas and Snacks to choose from.

Beef cannelloni
The ambiance of this Bar is casual and comfortable, with three distinctive dining areas and a space for barrels or tall tables near the entrance. 

Manolo León's abode has been a gathering point for both friends and professionals alike for over a decade. With its four differently-themed rooms, two patios - one outdoors and boasting an exceptionally maintained garden - it is the perfect spot to host a family reunion.

In the San Lorenzo area of Seville stands this magnificent 19th-century house, now home to one of the premier destinations for Sevillian cuisine. The Guadalquivir Patio is situated on the ground floor of the building. This patio provides a pleasant space for occupants to relax and unwind.
Manolo Leon's House

My experience at Manolo Leon Quadalquifir 

The Andalusian Patio of the House is filled with lush greenery and bright colors. With a extensive wine list, my romantic evening began with some complimentary seafood fritters and bread for the table.

Casa manolo Leon
As the first guests of the evening we arrived at a perfect moment, enabling us time to soak in the sights and sounds of this courtyard without interruption. Real plant life and bird song ensued throughout our stay. Accompanied by the perfect peaceful playlist of music. Looking up feels like you're in a hidden tropical oasis. 

A three course meal at Manolo Leon Quadalquifir is not to be missed. I enjoyed the beef cannelloni, with a triple chocolate domino cake for dessert. 

Manolo Leon menu
I've been to many a restaurant with fake plant life, but there's something about real plants and wildlife that can't be beat. Teamed with the historical charm of this building. I think this is certainly one of the most romantic restaurants in the world. 

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