Leather pants outfits - 5 days 5 ways

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Leather pants outfits - 5 days 5 ways 

A good pair of black leather pants are such a chic. Stylish wardrobe staple in my opinion. With a versatile ability to look edgy or classy. I love styling my straight leg leather pants in both ways. 

Here are 5 ways I style my black. Faux leather (vegan) pants over 5 days.

Day 1

Women's leather pants

Day 2

Black leather pants

Day 3

Faux leather pants

Day 4

Outfits with leather pants

Day 5

Styling leather pants

Leather pants outfit video

I recorded an asmr video of the five featured looks. Hopefully it is relaxing to watch. With fabric sounds and no talking.
Leather pants


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