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The Alchemist

When it comes to the cocktail menu at the Alchemist. I've never seen anything like it and that's saying something. As regular readers of this blog know I frequent a lot of cocktail bars. My husband really outdid himself with this one.

Cocktails London

The Alchemist is a casual bar and restaurant. With multiple booking options and branches across the city. You can book dinner and drinks for a two hour sitting. Bar reservations for drinks and dessert. Or drinks only. 

The Alchemist

We enjoyed dinner and cocktails in the restaurant and I chose the plant burger which was very nice.
Unique cocktails

After much deliberation. I suggested my husband and I choose each others cocktails. To see how well we know each other! 

I chose "the legal one" for him. While he chose a rhubarb and custard fizz for me.

The verdict from us both was that we really liked our drinks. Mine was delicious with notable rhubarb and a creamy tasting foam to finish. 

Plant burger

The legal one is a tangy two part drink. That arrives with mist rising out of a bong style drinking glass. 

Sticky toffee pudding

Our second cocktails were the dead red zombie. Which is an enchanting looking concoction. With glittering red punch swirling around the glass in a cloudy mist. 

I didn't enjoy the chocolate orange smasherac cocktail. It looked the part. With its caramelised sugar lid that you crack with a spoon. But tasted very bitter.

London cocktails

I'll definitely be interested in coming back to the Alchemist to try more cocktails from their lengthy menu. Along with a dessert. As I really enjoyed my sticky toffee pudding. There are even some interesting sounding spirits available to purchase as gifts or to take home. 

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