Lunch at Ivy Blackheath

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Lunch at Ivy Blackheath 

My sister treated me to lunch at the Ivy Blackheath. My visit to popular British restaurant chain - The Ivy was as enjoyable as any other Ivy dining experience I've had the privilege of enjoying in the past.

The ivy menu

Our cosy corner was next to mirrored walls. Beneath gilded ceilings and beautiful artwork. Made all the more enjoyable by the accompanying background music and attentive staff. 

The ivy restaurant

To drink I tried a Peartini cocktail. Which as the name suggests is a pear infused martini. 

Lunch was grilled asparagus. With capers and chargrilled halloumi. My sister enjoyed the fishcake and a side of tenderstem broccoli.

The ivy Blackheath

The ivy

We couldn't leave without indulging in a spot of dessert. For me it was sticky toffee pudding. However the whole dessert menu is my favourite thing at the Ivy. Every single dessert sounds divine.  

The ivy food
My sister ordered the flambé apple Tart. Which is impressively flame torched upon arrival. Presentation is a thing of importance at the Ivy restaurants. From the food. To the decor and the welcoming staff.

The ivy Blackheath

The ivy London

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