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What I'm currently drinking

When it comes to beverages I mostly drink water and as a health conscious individual. Alkaline water is something I've been on the hunt for. So when I came across the I am drinks company and their 9.4ph water I was very intrigued.

Healthy drinks

It can be hard to maintain a healthy internal pH balance. However with alkaline water readily available it's a lot easier.

Alkalinity is important because when the body is in an acidic state is when diseases can form.

I am source their high alkaline water from a European water source. Available to purchase online at www.iamsupershop.com

The I am drinks company also sell a range of soft drinks, which are sugar free cans of delicious exotic fruit juice like soursop and passion fruit. With no preservatives. No artificial flavours and stevia. The world's only alkaline. Low GI sugar to sweeten. 

In the summer I love to drink soft drinks but I'm only interested in healthy options. So it's nice to know that I can rely on I am super juice. 

I'm also a huge fan of tasty condiments and the I am company also sell a line of spicy sauces. Including their unique roti chutney flavour. In a convenient squeezy bottle. I've tried it and it tastes delicious. Just like any good roti should. 

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