London's luxury transport industry

London's luxury transport industry is doing better than public transport 

With over nine million people (yes 9000000) and counting in the bustling city that is London. Public transport is often the easiest and cheapest way to travel. However it's not a clean. Relaxing or luxurious choice. 
Fresh from two luxury transport shows this spring 2022. Salon Prive - click here to read. And the first of its kind London luxury afloat - click here to read.

The luxury transport industry is booming. Despite other struggling businesses and service providers across London.
We the people want comfort and rightly so.

Style and sophistication is the order of the day. Not overcrowding and constant delays. If you've lived - or commuted through the city in recent years. You'll be no stranger to the persistent TFL (transport for London) strikes. 

Funding issues and ongoing repairs.London Underground recently alluded to the fact that they might not be able to order new trains for the Bakerloo line without government funding. Plus, new London bus route contracts have been stalled. In favour of existing. Older buses to keep costs down. 

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