Easter desserts at the Ivy

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Easter desserts at the Ivy

I managed to book a last minute alfresco table at the Ivy in the park. On what was supposedly the hottest day of the year so far.

The ivy in the park

We decided to go as a family for Easter holiday dessert and drinks. Seated upstairs on the outdoor terrace it was colder than we had expected. 

Easter dessert menu
Easter special at the Ivy

Nobody can fault the Ivy for their restaurant design skills. It always feels like a special occasion whenever I visit any of the Ivy restaurants. 

We ordered some limited edition Easter specials at the Ivy Canary Wharf. I had an Easter egg martini to drink. With a Easter Nest dessert. 

Dark and white chocolate mousse sits beneath Kataifi pastry. With a chocolate sponge bed and lemon balm. Three small blue speckled chocolate eggs are the finishing touch. 

The ivy canary wharf

I left the Ivy Canary Wharf a little dissatisfied. Unimpressed by their pricey Easter offerings. Whilst my dessert looked the part. It wasn't as impressive to the taste. The chocolate eggs were particularly bad. 

My easter egg martini looked bland. With a barely there rim of low grade chocolate sauce. The martini itself tasted like a watered down bailey's. 

The ivy dessert

The chocolate Negroni was another Easter themed cocktail, which was forgettable. Though it included Plymouth Gin
stirred with Campari and sweet Vermouth. A touch of crème de cacao & a dash of chocolate bitters. It tasted pretty average. 

Presentation of all the desserts we ordered was excellent. With pancakes served with fresh berries and strawberry sauce. Sticky toffee pudding with warm toffee sauce and the almond panna cotta. Served with a rhubarb and raspberry sauce. Amaretto. 
Crispy almond tuile and gold flakes. 

Sadly though, nothing was worth reordering in the future.

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