My recommended coworking spaces

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Recommended coworking space

Coming out of hibernation in Spring for me means working remotely in nice but affordable places. 

With so many employees and business owners now currently working from home. What may start out as a blessing in disquise can quickly become mundane and uninspiring. 

For the self employed and those working from home. Working remotely might possibly be the answer to your prayers. If you've been struggling to get out of bed and actually get any work done. Except for one thing..

The cost of office space seems to be financially out of most people's budgets. Thankfully. There are some very decent. Totally free establishments. Suitable for freelance workers. Coworking and creatives. 

Below I've listed some of my favourite free. (Only pay for what you consume) coworking establishments. 


Go West for some of the best caffineated drinks in London. Try something a little more unique whilst you work. And be inspired by the funky decor at Busi cafe. 

Canada water library 

Would any list be complete without the inclusion of a library? Canada water library is perfectly positioned right next to a bus garage. Train station. Restaurants and shopping center. Even a wellness clinic for after work massages! 

Choose the best seats in the house upstairs at thie library to enjoy picturesque views of the water outside. 

The Union restaurant at the gantry 

There's a new east London hotel and restaurant. Union Social at the Gantry. With its cosy. Casual environment welcoming hotel guests and day visitors. 

Enjoy superfast WiFi. A gorgeous terrace for warmer days. Plus the ability to add on unlimited hot drinks for a decent set fee. Stay on after hours and the space transitions into a social hangout. With DJ sets and an opposing prosecco bar. 

Yurt cafe

This cozy cafe is situated inside a yurt tent. With outdoor seating amongst a peaceful garden plot. It's the perfect summer space for coworking. 

Host cafe

Another unique location for digital nomads is host CafĂ©. A beautiful church building turned cafe that allows for remote working. 

Share your favourite space for coworking in the comments below. 

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