A sneak peek Inside Tower Bridge

Inside Tower bridge

This post is right on time. With the 127 year old landmark that is Tower Bridge being stuck open yesterday until the early hours of this morning. (9th - 10th August 2021 ). The problem was due to a technical fault. 

Let's go behind the scenes at Tower Bridge. My trip inside Tower Bridge was better than expected. First you head up the 200+ steps (or take the lift) to a screening of Tower Bridge back in the 1800s. After this you head into the viewing area. Which is great for photos and of a spectacular viewpoint across the city of London.
Tower Bridge inside

The center of the Tower Bridge viewing area has a reinforced glass floor and mirror ceiling above it. I had to take some deep breaths to walk across the glass. My sons on the other hand. Had no problem lying and sitting all over the transparent ground! It's a bit disorientating seeing moving traffic. People and the Thames River way down beneath your feet! 

After we took in the impressive views. We headed to another room for a screening of the Tower Bridge area in present times. Then we passed through a room with artefacts from Tower Bridge and its construction. 

Heading downstairs. You can read interesting facts about Tower Bridge on the walls as you go. At ground level. You walk out across the stunning bridge. To get to the engine rooms. It's nice to walk outside onto the bridge as part of the whole experience.

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The engine room was more in depth than I had expected. With lots to see and even some interactive points. Lastly. You leave through the gift shop. Where a good variety of items are available to purchase.

At the official Tower Bridge shop. We were spoilt for choice on what to buy the kids. For our 3 year old. We bought a London underground book with a push button. A London tour bus toy to go with his black taxi toy at home. Plus mini note books for our teenage son and toddler. 
Tower bridge sightseeing in London
Glass floor inside Tower Bridge 

The Tower bridge area is a really nice place. As after the excursion. There are high end cafes and restaurants waiting for you. Along this part of the Thames. As well as the option to stay at the Tower Hotel. (Read about my time at the Tower hotel here) 

Take in up close views of tower bridge from the Tower hotel restaurant and hotel suites. Or enjoy a river boat ride to another London destination.

Here's my main tip for going inside Tower Bridge. Try and book a time slot when the bridge will be opening to let ships through. You can find out this information ahead of time on the official Tower Bridge website. 

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