Trying omurice for the first time review

Buy & Bite Omurice Restaurant Review 

To celebrate the relaunch of the brand new menu at London's first ever omurice (omelette and rice) restaurant Buy & Bite.
I was invited to try some of their delicious meals. Buy and bite are located near Farringdon Station in London serving up Japanese cuisine. 

The casual restaurant has a bright. Colourful theme with orange neon signage. Perfect for the instagram crowd. 

Buy & Bite
I enjoyed a delicious Lychee iced tea. That will be a summer favourite of mine. The chilled passion fruit green tea is also tasty and refreshing drink available at buy and bite. With boba milk tea options also on the menu.
To eat. I was blessed by a delicious meal of Tofu katsu curry omurice. Consisting of three large tofu pieces in batter. Thick katsu curry. Delicious ginger slices with a sweet pickled flavour. Some fresh green beans. Shredded carrot and the main attraction. A portion of omelet and rice. Aka cooked rice wrapped in a thin omelette egg.

I also sampled the delicious noodle bowl. With fresh Coriander and crispy onions mixed into spicy noodles. 

The menu at buy & Bite also includes dessert options. The mochi frozen red and plain are sweet rice balls filled with adzuki bean paste. Plus sweet potato balls in a selection of white and purple.

Omelette rice
I'm excited to return for their breakfast menu and sweet bao treats. Bao buns are steamed buns. Which I've tried elsewhere, but never with a sweet filling. Like the Nutella and fruit offering at Buy and Bite. There is plenty of option for vegans. Meat eaters and vegetarians at buy & Bite. 

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