The Athenian

The Athenian 

The Athenian dish up authentic Greek Souvlaki and Gyros dishes from their casual and affordable restaurants in London. 

I visited the Athenian Shoreditch Boxpark branch for some vegetarian and vegan lunch. 
The athenian

I chose the plant based souvlaki and Gyros. Which contained delicious fries and skewers of plant based meat. In a soft wrap. 

There are four tasty dips to choose from. The Athenian. A mildly sweet dip containing mustard. 
Shoreditch Boxpark

A smoky and smooth aubergine dip. Tyrokafteri - a mildly spicy red pepper and feta dip. Or Tzatziki. With yoghurt. Cucumber and garlic. 

I also enjoyed some 'this isn't chicken nuggets'. Which tasted convincingly real.

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