Social 24 is a new favourite bar of mine

City Social rooftop bar review

I love arriving at the elegant. Sky bars London has to offer. In time to watch the skyline turn from light to dark. 

Social 24. The bar of city social. A michelin star restaurant. 

With a michelin star chef. Was launched in 2014 by Jason Atherton.

It's just such a place to pull up a cozy chair and enjoy the vista. 

No matter where you sit. You're guaranteed to be surrounded by unspoilt views of London. Thanks to massive windows. 

With the perfect curvature for maximising your viewing pleasure. 
Bars with views London
Social 24 is a sultry bar in the city of London. With low. Shiny dark ceilings. The ambience is dusky at this bar. Come day or night. 

With romantic tables for two around the perimeter and an overhead spotlight at each table. 

The alcoves for larger groups are equally as cosy. Positioned closer to the shiny bar. 

City social
Music on our Friday evening visit at the end of summer 2021. Was a lively mix of house music at just the right volume. 

One need not shout to be heard. The music and buzz of fellow guests merge together here in perfect harmony.

Speed up the lift to the restaurant on the 24th floor of Tower 42 and arrive at social 24. 

Here you're met with up close views of 30 St Mary Axe. Aka the Gherkin skyscraper.

Walking through the bar you'll next enjoy a close up of the Shard. London's tallest building. Plus the walkie talkie with its famous sky garden. 

So much of London is visible at city social and Social 24. 

The Oxo tower looks like a miniature toy tower in the far distance from up here. With the bt tower easier to spot over to your right.

This is one of the first bars I've visited where full meals. Not just bar snacks can be ordered to your bar table. With the likes of fish and chips on the menu. 

To drink I enjoyed sampling my Husbands beverage from the social mixer page of the drink menu. 

A tasty. Refreshing blend of gin. Rosemary and black olive tonic water. With real sprigs of rosemary and an olive. 

Peach me up was my delicious cocktail of choice. 

And to thank I almost didn't order a cocktail. For fear of it tasting rancid. Like others tried at rooftop bars in the past. 

Still, I will continue to try new cocktails in order to give detailed reviews. 

Rather than play it safe with a drink I can rely on. The things I do for my readers eh! 
Social 24
The peach me up cocktail at social 24 is a peachy pink coloured cocktail. That arrives in a simple. Yet effective cocktail glass. With a white foamy topping. 

More importantly this cocktail was spot on for taste. A creamy. Sweet peachy drink. 

Like a well made bellini but better. With less fizz and slightly thicker in consistency. 

It's a cocktail that looked feminine and elegant in front of the floor to ceiling windows of social 24. 

Panoramic views of the city sky. With a city backdrop. Faded from pale blue. 

To hues of pale gold and pastel pink. Than finally the darkest blue. Looking stunning at every stage. 

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