Breakfast up at Radio Rooftop

Breakfast high up at Radio Rooftop

Radio Rooftop bar at the top of me London hotel.
In Central London - the Strand. Has been on my bucket list of places to visit for such a long time.
Radio Rooftop

I finally got round to seeing London from the top floor of the me London hotel on a typically overcast morning.

We were booked in for breakfast with a view. Which, I might add is a really nice way to start the day. No matter the weather forecast.

Of course, it would have been an even more enjoyable morning. Had the weather been pleasant enough. To not have needed protection from the makeshift windows. 

In the form of undesirable transparent. Plastic sheets. Out on radio rooftop terrace. 

That aside. Radio rooftop is beautifully designed. With the initial arrival to the bar through mirrored lifts. A small lobby area houses readable books and a small number of seats. 

Walk through into the main bar area. Where the spacious rooftop bar sits indoors. With lots of indoor seating spaces. 
Radio Rooftop

The indoor bar faces the outdoor terrace. With its panoramic views. The terrace is in three segments. That stretches round from the left. 

Currently a floral display and swing is positioned. In this Uncovered section of Radio roof terrace. 

Step out into this section. Where you're met with direct views of a cluster of iconic buildings. Such as the shard and St Paul's. 

The central section of radio rooftop terrace. Is the sheltered area. Where guests. Including moi. Dining alfresco were seated. 

I'm so obsessed with rooftop bars! Click here to read my other reviews. 

This section is just ok for sitting. I'm sure it would have been better without the obstruction of the transparent roll away blinds. 

To the right is another outdoor section. Which is a nice little hangout spot. Closer to views of the London Eye. 

For breakfast at radio rooftop. I chose the buttermilk waffles. With berries. Maple syrup. Agave nectar and some fresh cream. 

It was nicely presented. With a dusting of sugar. However the waffles were slightly dry. In need of a more generous amount of the accompanying fresh cream. 

Cream that would have looked prettier on the plate. Not in the tiny tin pot. 

My mocha was nowhere near the best I've ever had. 

Hubby had a full vegan breakfast. With potato rosti. Tofu scramble and plant based sausage. 

It lacked a little in flavour. And was not up there with other tofu scramble we've enjoyed in the past. 

Tea options were basic. If you read this blog regularly. You'll know that a delicious cup of tea is sans important to me! 

When it costs you £50 just for a two person breakfast. You expect to come away mind blown. Another case of paying for the view. As you often do here in London. 

Would I recommend breakfast here? On a guaranteed hot day. Maybe. However. I won't be back for anymore food. 

I don't like when establishments set a lofty minimum spend. And lunch/dinner at Radio rooftop carries a min spend. 

I will however go back for some cheeky evening cocktails. Whilst enjoying views of the capital. 

Stretching from the Shard. Preferably at sunset. There are often live Djs mixing things up in the evenings too. 

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