Southbank bars review

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Southbank Bars Review

South Bank is home to the national theatre and Royal Festival Hall.
Plus some of the best bars in London. 

Whether you're seeking after work drinks. Craft beer or a happy hour with spectacular views of big Ben. The London Eye and St Paul's. Southbank bars are where it's at. 


My husband and I settled in to our 1 hour 30 minute Lyaness booking in the cosy. Relaxed atmosphere of the Lyaness. A Riverside bar. Overlooking London South Bank on the ground floor of the sea containers Hotel. By mondrian. 

It's a laid back place to start off your evening in more chilled surroundings. Here we ordered a tomato flatbread from the snacks menu. We were sat on comfy sofas in the middle of the bar. With some tables for two up against the floor to ceiling windows of Lyaness. The River thames twinkling away outside. 

Our tomato flatbread was delicious with soft dough. Tomatoes. Olives and rocket. 

To drink I ordered the winter wheat spritz. A delicious concoction of pleated yoghurt, chilli and mango. It looked and tasted like a delicious. Sweet glass of wine. With creamy peach notes. I would order again. 

12th Knot 

Southbank bars
The roof terrace at 12th knot

We decided to cut our visit to the Lyaness short and headed to the 12th floor of the sea containers Hotel at Southbank London. The 12th knot. A rooftop bar that was much more our scene is the larger. Livelier and prettier bar of the two. Live music at the 12th knot was upbeat. Thanks to the tracks being spun by an in house dj. 

A stunning cluster of lights hang in the center of the bar. With a circular sofa seat beneath it at the 12th knot. Watching the world from up here is a picturesque thing to do. 

This rooftop bar formerly known as the Rumpus room. Provides stunning views on the outdoor terrace. Where a tall glass divider keeps you safe, whilst still allowing uninterrupted views of the city. 

There are a lot of close up city lights to admire from the 12th knot roof terrace. Outdoor terrace seats are positioned sideways on and the terrace gets really windy and chilly. It would have been hard to enjoy outdoor seating here. So not my first choice for outdoor seating. Click here to see what my first choice is. 

I only managed to brave the cold of the terrace for a few photo opportunities. 

Thankfully much of the panoramic views from 12th knot can be enjoyed from the comfort of inside. Where panoramic floor to ceiling windows are a design feature. The outdoor terrace closes at 10pm so arrive sooner than that if you wish to take in the views from outside. 

12th knot is the kind of bar where you can and will want to dance come night time. With a healthy mix of all ages and ethnicities in attendance. The vibe was nice when we arrived on a Thursday night. It can get a little too busy on Fridays and Saturdays we had been advised. 

The snack menu is really good here. We ordered a bite to eat. In the form of ackee sliders. Which were three delicious. Soft mini brioche buns. Filled with ackee and fresh cooked vegetables. To drink. I had the Banofee old fashioned cocktail. A nasty. Bitter beverage that I will not be repeating. 

At the 12th knot there is a selfie booth. With panoramic and overhead mirrors. Perfect for the social media era and a bit of lighthearted fun. 

The 12th knot didn't dissapoint so I would definitely recommend a trip here for those looking for a fancy rooftop location in London.

Perfectly positioned next door to 12th knot. If you fancy bar hopping. Views across the River and of the city skyline are amazing there. 

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