Savage Garden rooftop bar review

Savage garden London Bar review

Picture the scene. Peaceful. Panoramic views across the city of London on a summer afternoon. 

It's not quite the summer we had hoped for.
But at this point. Anything is better than winter. Or the recent lockdown. 
Savage garden bar
View of the shard from the terrace at Savage garden London

Upon our Friday evening visit to Savage garden. One of London's top rated rooftop bars. That sits pretty at the top of the Doubletree hilton Hotel. 

On a quiet off street in the East Central Tower of London area. 

There was no rain in sight. Just a fresh air supply. As winds from previous days had finally ground to a halt. 

As soon as we arrived and throughout our visit at Savage garden. Our service above the city was with a smile. 
Savage garden London
As you make your way out the lift on the twelfth floor. Floor to ceiling windows provide exceptional city views. 

Surrounding you in the lobby before you enter Savage garden rooftop bar. Stop to drink in those up close views of the gherkin skyscraper. Aka 30 St Mary Axe. 

Plus peer through the life size golden picture frame. With Tower Bridge off in the distance through it. 

Or some edgy artwork. A jagged red border surrounding windows beside the bar entrance. Again with Tower Bridge perfectly positioned between it. 
Savage garden rooftop bar
In this age of social media. Photo opps are a solid requirement on every night out. So Savage garden receive top marks for this discreet, but on trend addition to their bar.

After our stop for a quick photo opportunity. We were escorted to the best seats in the house. 

Front and center past the bar in the middle of the outdoor terrace. Here uninterrupted views across London are to be enjoyed. 
Savage garden sunset
A small row of stools are lined up beneath the discreet. All glass table. The railing is unobtrusive and transparent too. 

Giving those of us privileged with front row seats even more of the city to look at. With visibility all the way to ground level! 

From up here you can see Tower Bridge and London's tallest building. The Shard up close. Far left is canary wharf. Turning gold through golden hour and orange at sunset. 
Savage garden London
Savage garden is now one of my firm favourites. In regards to London rooftop bars with an impressive view. 

Music played gently in the background during our two hour reservation. Live Djs and often live musicians usually perform from Wednesday through to Saturday nights. 

You must book ahead if you wish to guarantee front row seats of the city skyline. As Savage Garden gets busy. Personally I recommend a time slot that falls during sunset. 

So you can enjoy the view in three stunning stages. The golden hour part of daylight. Sunset and after dark. 

Feel free to continue to mingle indoors by the bar and at any unreserved tables once your two hour booking is over. If you can find space. 

The outdoor terrace where we were seated is one of two outdoor seating areas. The other a larger. Less intimate and more casual space. 

Also providing 360 degree views across the top monuments in London. Our terrace area is more suited to a romantic date. 
London rooftop bar
I like the fact that it doesn't seem to get very windy on the outdoor terrace at Savage Garden. A few nights back we had been at another of London's top rooftop bars. 

Only that one was super windy out on the terrace. 

Overhead on the outdoor terrace at Savage Garden is a shelter protecting you from any rain. 

Possibly the reason for less wind too. Heaters turn on behind you at the end of sunset. Keeping you cosy as it starts to get dark. 

I'll have to make a future booking to comment on the food at Savage garden. As due to Covid the kitchen was not yet open. 

Usually bar snacks and even afternoon tea bookings are available at Savage garden. 

If you wanted to make it a big night out. You could bar hop. By starting at this stunning rooftop bar. 

Then walk no more than four minutes to another rooftop bar. Cloud M. Which requires no prior reservation and is situated at the top of citizen M hotel.

Cloud M is visible up close from the roof terrace at Savage garden. We had planned to bar hop, but since we had enjoyed ourselves so much already. We just decided to head home afterwards. 

My drink of choice at Savage Garden was a regrettable one. The Poppy field. 

A cocktail from the signatures section of drinks. Which includes habanero. Coconut nectar and sesame. 

I had expected a sweet. Spicy. Nutty taste sensation. Instead it was such a bitter, awful tonic in my opinion.  
Savage gardens
My husband enjoyed a classic whiskey sour with lemon. Sugar and bitters. Which was just a little too sour in my opinion. Otherwise quite nice for what it was. 

Besides the cocktails on the drinks menu. Classic cocktails can be made up for you. And of course there is an extensive wine and spirit list. Along with non alcoholic cocktails to choose from. 

If you're squeamish when it comes to insects. Be warned that loads of critters start to land on the tops of people's heads. Out on the terrace table. Right at the end of sunset.

Thankfully we were just leaving. Not arriving at this time. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to properly relax and take in the beautiful vista from Savage garden.  

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