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Chocolate cocktail club review

As the title of this blog post suggests. I visited a cocktail bar that specifies in delicious chocolate based cocktails. It's a chocolate lovers dream which is why you could count on me being there! 

Crème de cacao

The dark drinking den is a bit casual. With close links to public transport options like Farringdon Station. There's not only a variety of mouthwatering chocolate cocktails on their menu. But even chocolate beer and a chocolate wine! 

My first drink of choice. The chocotini was okay. However nothing has come close to the Nutella chocolate martini of Christopher's - click here for all the droolworthy pictures and my review. 

Pretty cocktail

For my second beverage, I tried the Caribbean kiss. Which was delicious. Creamy and fruity. With white rum and crème de cacao. White chocolate syrup. Cream and pineapple juice.
Whilst the ginny chin chin was a very pretty cocktail that tastes as good as it looks. With pink gin. Edible flowers. White chocolate syrup. Raspberries. Lemon and orange bitters.
Drinks chocolate

The drinks are fun. Reasonably priced and the sevice was great. With a booming sound system. However it's quite a casual. Short stay destination in my opinion. As it's not quite up there with the luxury I prefer.

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