The next chapter in art

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The next chapter in art

As the Dorchester Hotel prepares to undergo one of its largest renovations since opening. I was invited to a talk and sneak preview of the new giant artwork that would soon be revealed to guests at the Dorchester Hotel. 

The next chapter in art

We were treated to a delicious afternoon tea in the Elizabeth Taylor suite. Whilst we listened to two inspirational artists discuss their techniques and passions for art and nature. 

The Dorchester hotel

Sarah and Christian are two artists with aesthetically different work. Commissioned by visto. To create the two largest pieces of art at the 5 star Dorchester Hotel in London. 
In 1995 at just 28. Christian Furr was commissioned to paint the Queen. He had just two hours with her and finished the rest of his impressive portrait in his studio. 

The Dorchester

Christian had also previously been commissioned to paint a portrait of Blenheim Palace. Described by some as the best view in England. He finished the portrait in just over two days which was very quick for him. 

As part of the Dorchester hotels refurbishment. The lobby will be moved to two separate concierge desks on either side of the hotel entrance. With the large. Two foot tall works of art by Sophie and Christian. 

Sophie works from her studio in Sussex. She comes from 4 generations of wood working craftsmen. Only about 10 years ago did she begin to bring craft back into her technique. Her work has been previously commissioned for Somerset house.

Inspired by gold work. Sophie manages to geniously replicate the look of the work created by thread winders. There are currently only two gold work thread winders left in the world. 

On some of her work. Sophie uses a gypsum based jesunite plaster. Which she tints and casts in bronze. Smaller pieces have precious stones. 

Elizabeth Taylor

She once wanted to recreate the buttercups growing around her home in golden thread. She cleverly tooled the flowers using clay gilding and casting. Giving them the illusion of gold thread. 

Sophie is into sympathetic magic. She uses other elements to mimic cloth embroidered with gold thread. Plus cut paper, that she manipulates into looking like actual gold in certain pieces of her work.

Sophie's Dorchester artwork was inspired by bees. Colours in her art are all matched to the differnt honey found in Hyde Park. Opposite the Dorchester Hotel. 

Christian used 7 colours. Which all include some naples yellow. His artwork for the hotel also includes the Dorchester rose in the center. Different parts of the painting are designed to depict the different seasons. He also added a modified Shakespeare quote about bees. 

We didn't get to see their pieces in full but I'm excited to return later in the year to marvel at both masterpieces. 

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