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John Lobb and Remy Martin 

I'm still beaming from the enjoyable time I had during London craft week. Where I went to one of the oldest personal shoe makers in London for a historic and informative tour. As well as a cognac tasting session. 

John Lobb

The location - John Lobb. The cognac - Remy Martin. First the shop was split into three groups. With one group taking in a live shoe last making demonstration. Group two enjoyed a cognac tasting session and group three went on a tour around the venue. 

Downstairs is where most of the magic happens. John Lobb has made shoes for some very famous feet. Including British Royalty and American stars. 

John Lobb

The hand crafting process is so interesting to hear about and to witness with your own eyes. We heard some interesting stories during the evening. Such as the time when a gentleman asked for a pair of shoes to be made from an elephants ear! 

During the cognac tasting. We tried two remy Martin cognacs. Including the newest remy Martin tercet cognac. The tasting technique is to take a tiny sip to get the palate ready. Then another. Gently swirl your glass before holding it up to the light to see what is termed as the legs. 

John Lobb

Close your eyes and slowly to smell the contents of the glass. Then put your nose right in and notice a different set of aromas. Remy martin smells divine but it's a super strong drink had undiluted. The remy martin xo bottle is a beautiful design. On display around John Lobb. 

With cognac it's important to use ice not water to dilute the viscosity. Remy martin is made with grapes that are perfect for congac but not great for wine.

At the end of the evening. I left with a gift bag containing a miniature bottle of the 1738 cognac. Which is the one we didn't get to try during the tasting session. 

Shoes sold at John Lobb average approximately six thousand pounds in price and will be remade free of charge until they fit just right. 

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