Christopher's Martini Bar

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Chocolate heaven at Christophers Martini Bar

Christopher's martini bar is a blissful dream of a place. From the way you first enter this intimate martini bar. It feels like you're intruding. 

As you pull back large. Dark tinted doors that seem at first to be locked shut. 
Martini bar London
Left : Thai spice martini. Right : Nutella martini

The decor is perfection. With teal coloured seating. Unique. Low hanging lights all lead the way to a shiny cocktail bar. 

Here, a smartly dressed mixologist stylishly shakes ingredients together for the perfect cocktail. 

Gold frosted mirrors are a pretty touch around the martini bar. I'll admit. I've never been this excited about martini's. That was until I sat down at Christophers. 

To the sounds of hip. New York jazz and swinging 60s style music. With my menu in hand. 
Chocolate Brioche French toast

A menu that features classic martini's. Christopher's very own signature martini's and a decadent martini section. 

Christopher's has been on my list of places to visit for too long. The time finally came during London cocktail week of 2021.
Christopher's Martini bar

The limited edition cocktail dubbed 'pining for you'. Is served in a small martini glass. With Christopher's homemade chamomile syrup. Made especially for London cocktail week.

I ordered the mouth watering Nutella French toast. That everybody's been raving about and was not disappointed. 

Molten milk chocolate is drizzled across a vanilla ice cream scoop and two. Thick French toast pieces. Are sandwiched with Nutella chocolate. 

There's even an option for dark chocolate sauce instead. 

I paired my chocolate dessert with a Nutella martini. It was the most impressive drink I've had in a long time. 
Martini drink and dessert
Double trouble! 

I also sampled the Thai spice Martini, which is deliciously fruity. Sweet and spicy. All at the same time. Thanks to ingredients like Lychee. Ginger and chilli. 

The drinks menu doesn't stop at martini's. There are numerous other cocktail options. Plus wines and spirits to enjoy. 

See my full list of bar recommendations at the following link :

Safe to say. I can't wait to go back to Christopher's. It's the martini bar I didn't know I needed in my life!

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