Jimmy Choo Academy Launch

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Jimmy Choo Academy 

Jimmy choo has just opened possibly one of the most stylish fashion academy's in the world! 


Perfectly positioned in Central London. JCA (Jimmy Choo Academy) is a couture college. Small and intimate. In a building of understated beauty.

The top two floors at Jimmy Choo Academy are Victorian in design. Whilst the two lower floors are Georgian.

Historically, this building was once home to seven Earl's. I'm jealous! The stunning. Domed ceiling at the top of the grand staircase features a window and is still in its original colours. With pink promenance. That has influenced accents of pink elsewhere throughout the building. I'm loving the pink carpet leading up the staircase.

The rooms where all the magic happens also have stunning ceilings in a turquoise colour. Paired with fancy lighting. However everything else is kept simple. Minimal in design and it just works. 

The academy is impressive. As Jimmy Choo and his team seek not only to teach their students. Whilst letting them explore their creativity. JCA seeks to support designers to become working businessmen and women. Which is why there will even be a nearby store. Selling stunning work from the talented designers of the academy!

Jimmy choo academy

As part of London craft week 2022. I attended a talk with shoe designer Chris Hill. One of the only famed shoe designers of her era. Christine (Chris) went to the same shoe design college as Jimmy Choo MBE As well as Patrick Cox. Who invented the infamous Wallabee shoe that was all the rage in the nineties. 

Her stories were interesting and inspiring. I enjoyed hearing about Jimmy Choo the student. Before he was Jimmy Choo MBE. Household name and innovator in the world of fashion that he now is.

Described as a quiet student. I can relate to his focused ambition to create his passion. Rather than follow trends. In the seventies. It was all about Dr Martens. Nobody was making the elegant shoes that Jimmy Choo loved to make. 

Next it was time for some champagne. Of course! Where I networked with other attendees. Finishing up with a tour of the building which is steeped in history. 

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