Cheese and honey pairing at hive

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Hive Selfridges 

In celebration of international bee day on 20th May 2022. I visited hive restaurant in West London. Hive has it's very own busy bees making honey for the restaurant on the 3rd floor of Selfridges. A total of 100,000 to be exact!

Afternoon tea selfridges
The restaurant is a warm. Bright space where I enjoyed their unique cheese and honey pairing afternoon tea.

Different cheeses are paired with a variety of in house honey. Such as lavender honey and chestnut honey.

World bee day

On the top rack a warm. Freshly baked scone is accompanied by jam and clotted cream. Plus some cakes and sweet pastries are sprinkled in bee pollen.

Hive restaurant

To drink I tried the mango and lemon tea. However I highly recommend 'Lavender fields' a delicious non alcoholic cocktail cocktail with a unique taste. Thanks to lavender honey. Seedlip Garden. Grapefruit juice and ginger beer.

Selfridges restaurant
Hive is open for breakfast through to dinner. With in house made honey the focus of their organic food menu.

A variety of Fragrant honey can be purchased by the jar and the bees can be seen through the windows across from the restaurant. These bees pollinate within a three mile radius. Including flowers in both green Park and hyde Park. 

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