Le Potager perfume review

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Le Potager by l'artisan parfumeur

As part of London craft week 2022 I headed to selfridges to the launch of a brand new fragrance line by l'artisan parfumeur. 

L'artisan parfumeur

What makes the new Le Potager perfume collection extra special is that it's the first perfume line in the world to use vegetable extracts in a fragrance.

Le Potager by l'artisan parfumeur is a 5 fragrance collection. The Iris de gris perfume includes the scent of green pea. Whilst Vetiver ecarlate contains the noticeable fragrance of tomato. Which gives the perfume a slight spicy aroma that works surprisingly well.

Musc amarante contains the unique and distinguishable fragrance of beetroot. Whilst Tonka blanc has the unexpected scent of cauliflower. Lastly. Cedrat ceruse contains fennel.

Le Potager

I first smelt the fragrances at the perfume stand in Selfridges and was sceptical. However after re-trying the samples received in a gift bag. I can really appreciate Le Potager. 

The fragrances smell really nice on the skin. My favourites are Tonka blanc. Which is infused with cauliflower and vetiver ecarlate - the one with tomato leaf. 


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