Oxo tower review

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Oxo tower restaurant review

Oxo tower restaurant
We enjoyed al fresco pre lunch drinks at the oxo brasserie terrace on what has to have been the windiest day in London this year.

After the last two lockdowns. Wind wasn't gonna stop me!

Sadly the menu at Oxo was not very appetising for vegans and vegetarians. So I didn't mind just having some drinks and taking in the view. Plus. We were booked in for a table next door at the sea containers afterwards.
Oxo restaurant

The Oxo Brasserie terrace is simple in appearance but it's the view that does all the talking. Not only are you treated to an unspoilt skyline view. You also get a birds eye view of the river Thames below. 

I would consider heading back to the Oxo for the unspoilt views across the city. Especially at sunset. There are also some live music evenings to be enjoyed. Plus. I really want to try the brandy Alexander Cocktail. Which sounds like it would be a chocolate lovers dream. Regrettably I ordered something else upon suggestion from our waitress, but it was quite basic for the price. In my opinion. In London. At establishments with impressive views. You often pay for the view above all.

Service at the Oxo was nice, but I've experienced better. For me hospitality is an important part of the experience. 

It was too early for multiple beverages. Plus the winds were picking up. So it was on to the next one after about 40 minutes at the Oxo Brasserie.

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