Tea for two at Peggy Porschen

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What I wore to Peggy Porschen

Today I wore a cream colour. Fitted roll neck top with a faux fur two tone gilet in dusky pink and black. Paired with a camel coloured skirt. Translucent belt and snake print ankle boots. 
Casual dress

Peggy Porschen Review

On the menu at Peggy porschen were four layer cake choices with a summer special.

A selection of four cupcakes plus 2 summer specials. Including the summer berries and blossoms cupcake. Which I took home. 
I ordered a slice of chocolate and raspberry vegan cake with rose petals as it sounded like it would look and taste delicious. 
Peggy porschen cake
Vegan chocolate raspberry cake

It didn't look as impressive as expected and wasn't appealing in taste. The sponge was dry and heavy. With not enough of a chocolate taste. 

The menu at Peggy porschen features some unique and intriguing sounding cakes. Such as a mini lemon and yoghurt loaf with petal confetti. 
Peggy porschen Belgravia
The most photographed store front in London 

There are also macarons and brownies available. Plus an all day breakfast menu. 

The scrambled eggs on toast is quite nice and well presented but a bit small. The hot chocolate I ordered wasn't to my liking. 

The summer berries and blossoms cupcake was the prettiest looking of the six in my opinion. With a flower and berries topping it off. It had an unexpectedly thick. Delicious butter cream. Which was almost the same size as the Cupcake itself. Featuring my three favourite berries. A fresh strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. I just love fresh berries in desserts. The butter cream was tastier than the sponge, but quite perfect eaten together.
Cupcake London

The chocolate heaven cupcake from Peggy porschen has pretty pink chocolate icing balls that taste yummy. A delicious chocolate cream cheese of mousse consistency instead of a heavy butter cream.

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Although I wasn't blown away by most of what I tried from my first outing to Peggy Porschen. I would go back for more chocolate cupcakes and maybe to try some other items from Peggy Porschen.

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