Slow living in Spring

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Slow Living

What is slow living? 

I want to try and explain slow living in my own words. Without looking up the standard online meaning. To me, slow living is to ultimately put less pressure on yourself to get stuff done. Now I'm not telling you to become lazy! 
Living slow
The western world is so fast paced. It can feel like time is passing us by so quickly. Panic can set in. Especially if you validate your self worth by setting dates for future achievements. "Get married by this age and have a mortgage by that year." Etcetera etcetera! 
Slow living means stopping to smell the flowers (even if you have hay-fever!) 

When we choose slow living. We can take the focus off of what we think we haven't achieved. Stop competing with others and quit comparing our lives. Instead of enjoying each moment. Or at least grow and learn from the less enjoyable moments in life. 

Slow living enables us to focus on what really matters and just appreciate the most simple. Yet most important overlooked fact. Which is that we are living! Anything else is just a beautiful bonus. Slow living is good for our mind and our health. 

Why I choose slow living

I think slow living chose me! For too many years. I felt the need for speed. I would pace and rush and panic myself into such a stressful. Anxious state of being. Ironically it caused me to be less productive in the long run. I developed adrenal fatigue. Insomnia. Anxiety. You name it. 

I rebelled against the inner knowledge that I should slow down. Until my body could take no more. Then I was forced to take slow living seriously. I only wish I had listened to my body. To God and started my slow living journey much sooner. 

I'm much more productive. Positive. Balanced and less stressed. I'm a lot more content. Grateful. Realistic and accepting of the fact that things don't and won't always go to plan. Perfection doesn't exist and that's okay. I think a sense of confidence and maturity go hand in hand with slow living. 

Slow living in Spring

Spring is my favourite season in the northern hemisphere. A sign that the long. Dark. Cold and slow winter season is finally over. A time for new beginnings and getting outdoors more. I get to enjoy the beautiful. Delicate flowers which are a colourful feast for the eyes. I'm always nostalgic about my wedding day which was in spring. With beautiful cherry blossoms the backdrop for our outdoor wedding shoot. 

I love that it's still cold enough for cosy. Stylish knitwear. Hot drinks like tea. Hot chocolate and coffee, and a romantic outdoor fire in the evenings. All with the added bonus of extra daylight hours thanks to some much needed sunshine.

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