Springtime in London

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Springtime in London 

My home town is London and it's quite a grey place most of the time. From the overcast skies. To the dull pavements. London isn't usually one of the brightest places in the world. That's what makes spring in London so extra special. The pops of colour from delicate flowers are welcome and much needed. They stand out even more amongst the dreariness of London in springtime. 
London Spring
London in Spring

This spring of 2021 has had a particularly bad start. Staying cold for longer than usual. London even had snow in April! Then we enjoyed April downpours in May. 

Spotting the multicoloured tulips on days out during spring and the gold. Sunshine coloured daffodils at ground level has been such a treat. With wildflowers popping up. Even in my shaded garden. 

Then we have the show stopping magnolia trees and cherry blossoms. Also known as sakura in their native country Japan. 

The shades of pink are flirty. Feminine. Fun! 

I thought I would talk about the different springtime beauties by colour code and where to head to enjoy them. 


White is such a clean. Delicate colour for springtime petals. For an exceptionally pretty display of white flowers. Head to London Battersea park. Where a row of all white blossom trees will capture your attention in spring. 
A spring day at Battersea park in London


There is so much in the way of pretty pink blossoming tree varieties around London. If you know where to wander. I'm most impressed by the row of pink cherry blossom trees at Greenwich Park. With benches where you can sit and enjoy these blooms. Different pink magnolia trees and cherry blossom trees bloom at different times. Ranging from late March to the end of April. 

You can also enjoy some exceptional pink blossom trees in notting hill. Set against the backdrop of white and candy coloured houses. 

Spring in London is so sentimental to me. Being that my wedding photos were captured under some stunning pink cherry blossoms. 
Springtime London
My springtime wedding in London


At the latter part of springtime in London there's a blossoming of purple hanging Wisteria. Which is to be enjoyed in numerous locations. From South East London's Peckham rye Park. To Canning place in South West London. West London's Marylebone and more. Look out for Wisteria from Mid April to May. 



Enjoy colourful displays of springtime flowers across all parks and gardens in London. From Regent's to Hyde Park. Or Holland Park. Plus lesser known parks like Southwark Park to name just a few. Different flower varieties. Such as tulips and roses can be enjoyed as early as March until the end of May. 

Flowers can be unpredictable in London. Thanks to English weather. So try and check the latest blossomings from each location. Ahead of time, by checking for recent images on Google maps and Instagram. 

Should all else fail. There's always a trending amount of fake flower displays to be enjoyed at an increasing number of restaurants and cafes across London. See my list here. 
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London springtime

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