The best cupcakes in London

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Where to find the best Cupcakes in London

Cupcakes are one of my favourite things to eat in the whole wide world. So it only makes sense that I share my secret list of only the best cupcakes London has to offer. 

London Cupcakes
Primrose bakery cupcakes

Primrose Bakery Cupcakes

For me. Primrose bakery sell some of the best cupcakes in London. However many other cupcakes are a close second. 

Enjoy a variety of delicious Cupcake flavours from either one of their two London locations. 

I particularly love their cinnamon. Green tea and Salted caramel cupcakes. 

Primrose bakery is a cute little cafe situated in West London foodie haven of Covent Garden. A second is located in Camden. It's snug and bright, with cute cupcakes on display. On my first visit. I wanted to try the more unusual flavours. So I chose cinnamon, green tea and also a salted caramel and a carrot cupcake.

I had hoped to take home a blueberry cupcake, however it wasn't on sale the day I went in. So I suggest picking up one of the Primrose Bakery flyers, as it tells you when each cupcake is available in store.

From the first bite of Primrose Bakery's salted caramel cupcake I was in paradise. It has the perfect buttery taste. Thanks to a well made sponge and beautiful caramel buttercream. The salt is non intrusive and a little caramel surprise awaits at the bottom of the cupcake.

I wasn't a fan of the carrot cupcake and I used to be a major carrot cake lover. The carrot cupcake has raisins, which put me off a bit.

Those after carrot cupcakes without raisins should go for the cinnamon cupcake at the Primrose bakery. The cinnamon cupcake smells and tastes like carrot cake.

You can rely on the Primrose bakery for good quality cupcakes that aren't sickly sweet and have that oh so important perfect buttercream.

Crumbs And Doilies 

Crumbs and dollies sell cakes. Brownies and cupcakes. 

I ordered some mini cupcakes on Crumbs and Doilies website and picked them up in store. I went for a dozen popcorn topped mini cupcakes - I love a buttery cake, so this cake was right up my street. The buttercream has the perfect amount of sugar and is as buttery as can be!

The popcorn on top was fresh and savoury, which I think is best - as sweet popcorn would have made the cake too sweet overall. The popcorn tastes best picked off and eaten first in my opinion - because of the texture difference. The sponge tastes just right. Not too dry and not too moist. It's lightly sweetened which I love. You could eat loads of the sponge without feeling sick!

My second choice was a dozen Crumbs and Doilies mint choc mini cupcakes. The light green buttercream has a slight minty taste, and the chocolate sponge tastes of authentic chocolate. Thanks to the actual bit of chocolate hiding inside the sponge. Quite often I find that chocolate sponge can be a bit dry and not taste like chocolate in my opinion.

My favourite of the two has to be Crumbs and Doilies mini popcorn cupcakes. They look unique and taste delicious.

London cupcake

Hummingbird Bakery 

I've been to most branches of Hummingbird Bakery in London. All are clean, enticing and stocked with the most delicious variety of cupcakes.

However my favourite branch has to be the bakery in Spitalfields London. The fact that it's across the road from Pizza Union is one major reason. I also like that this store has some outdoor seating. Hummingbird bakery in London Spitalfields isn't on a main road, or a super busy London street.

On visits to the Hummingbird Bakery, I've tried their red velvet cupcake. Black bottom cupcake and salted caramel cupcake.

Yum. Yum. Yum. The black bottom cupcake is pure indulgence. Soft, and fluffy chocolate marbled sponge of mostly milk chocolate with a hint of white chocolate. Creamy milk and white chocolate flakes cover the black bottom cupcake and a delicious soft chocolate center hides within.

The black bottom Cupcake is not too sweet and not too heavy. It's mouth wateringly chocolatey!

The Hummingbird Bakery salted caramel cupcake is pretty cool. Something I'd only purchase again if I fancy a change. There are a few annoying salt crystals lingering on top, however. The caramel and sponge of this cupcake is delicious. 

Their red velvet cupcakes are popular. However, I prefer the black bottom cupcake. It's chocolatey enough for me, and that's a tall order to fulfill!  

Lolas Cupcakes 

Some hits and misses at Lolas Cupcakes. As their Cupcakes are mostly too sweet. However I adore the chocolate orange. Rocky road and vanilla cupcake. These cupcakes are a nice take home treat when you're on the commute. As Lolas cupcakes stalls are dotted about at London train stations. 

Peggy Porschen 

Peggy porschen has one of the prettiest and most photographed shop fronts in London. 

Lilli Vanilli

Enjoy some Cupcakes from Lilli Vanilli before or after a Sunday morning stroll along Columbia road flower market to pick up an assortment of flowers. 

Healthy Cupcakes in London

Love Cupcakes but trying to stay away from unhealthy foods? Then order some refined sugar free cupcakes from Ruby's of London. 

Vegan Cupcakes in London 

Enjoy some egg free cupcakes at Vida bakery in Brick lane east London. 

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