A cakes and bubbles affair

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What I wore to cakes and bubbles

Cakes and bubbles is a luxury dessert and champagne restaurant by Albert Adria. On the ground floor of five star London hotel. Cafe Royal.
Cake and bubbles

On this outing. I chose to colour match my surroundings. Keeping my outfit smart casual. As this was only a brief daytime date.

The classy venue features lots of gold accents. With beautiful brown marble walls. Offset by cream and dark orange marble flooring.

My skirt was a long. Burnt orange corduroy texture. Which I paired with a fitted. Golden brown, long sleeve top. Of which the sleeves and colour remind me of the Victorian era.

I accessorised with a translucent belt. Featuring a gold buckle. Satin scarf worn as a headband. Plus snake skin ankle boots. Not my first choice for footwear, but thanks to the rain. I had no other choice!

Cakes and bubbles review 

The desserts at cakes and bubbles were smaller than I had anticipated. My champagne of choice out of the six on offer was a glass of Nyetimber cuvee. Which tastes like any good champagne should.
Cakes and bubbles

The golden egg flan dessert was a looker, but not mesmerising in taste. 

All desserts served are creative in presentation. The cheesecake was no exception. The soft, biscuit outer layer looked deceptively like waxed cheese. With a slightly savoury. Tangy cream cheese filling, with hazelnut flavour coming through. 

Cakes and bubbles chocolate cork dessert is served on a mini champagne bottle filled with coffee beans. It has a slightly crunchy. Creamy mousse filling. I loved this chocolate dessert. Just wish there had been more of it!

The service at cakes and bubbles was good. The bathrooms in the hotel were surprisingly minimal. A contrast to every other area of the hotel. With high end English toiletries from Floris.

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