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About Japanese patisserie stores in London 

I've fallen for so many delicious cakes and pastries ever since I discovered there were Japanese (and Chinese) patisserie stores in London. Some of my all time favourite treats are from a Japanese patisserie. Read on to find out more. 

Sakurado Japanese patisserie in London


Kova is a Japanese patisserie with three shop locations in London. It's one of my favourite Japanese cafes to eat in. Or just pick up some delicious cake. Namely a mille crepe cake. Which Kova specialises in. Mille crepe has a delicious mousse style filling sandwiched between multiple layers of thin pancake style pastry. Hence the name crepe. 

I recommend their Earl grey mille crepe and chocolate mille cakes. 

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Lanka is one of my all time favourite cafes. With lovely service. A cute little Japanese cafe space to sit and drink tea in. Lanka patisserie sell some of the best teas and desserts in town. Such as rum baba cake. With 20-25 different cakes baked each day. From a selection of over 60 varieties!

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Japanese patisserie


Yauatcha is a high end restaurant chain with a separate patisserie that specialises in teas and macarons. The most popular dessert at Yauatcha is their raspberry delice. Although not figuratively a Japanese establishment but rather of Chinese origin. 

Yauatcha rose delice
Yauatcha raspberry delice


When I stumbled across a photo of the amazing fish cone at Bake. A Japanese patisserie in Soho, I just had to check it out for myself.

The fish cone is a good size and the taste and texture are really quite yummy. The fish cone is a little bit of a cake texture. Not dry and flaky like regular ice cream cones.

The green tea soft serve ice cream is as good as green tea soft serve ice cream gets. Creamy and fragrant. You can choose between vanilla or matcha green tea flavour.

I also tried a few pastries from Bake, but they weren't that nice. I'll definitely go back for a fish cone though.


Sakurado. A Japanese patisserie in West London specialise in mille crepes. I tried their chocolate ganache. A small dark chocolate sponge cake. With milk chocolate topping. Which was not that nice. It didn't taste fresh. As the sponge was really heavy and dry in places.

I also ordered a charcoal mille crepe for something different. However I probably should have just stuck with vanilla or chocolate. The charcoal cake is striking in appearance. With a dark grey center and black top. It's mildly sweet and creamy, but its grainy texture and bad after taste is a let down. 

Japanese patisserie London
Wa cafe croissants 


Wa cafe is another favourite Japanese patisserie of mine. With two London locations. It's a really nice place to sit in or take away a delicious treat. I've never had such delicious croissants anywhere else! 

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