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Lanka is a Japanese patisserie, with cafe seating in South Hampstead, North London.

Lanka is situated in a great location. Goldhurst terrace is a fairly peaceful side road. Practically next door to Finchley road tube station. 

There are loads of easy transport options taking you to and from Lanka.

Lanka South Hampstead
Lanka Patisserie - Rum Baba Cake

Upon arrival at Lanka, I was greeted by warm. Friendly staff members. 

Lanka patisserie is a beautifully clean. Bright white patisserie, with cafe seating. 

The window and counter displays are perfect, and there are a wide range of impressive cakes. Including green tea strawberry cake. Biscuits and tarts on display at Lanka.

Lanka London
Lanka Patisserie - Raspberry chocolate tart and coconut and passion fruit macaron

Lanka even have their own range of loose leaf tea. Available in either tea bags or as loose leaves. 

What's great about the tea display at Lanka, is that you can open each jar to have a smell of the teas. Green. Fruity. Floral and black teas are available. Along with coffee. 

Each tea smelled fragrant and distinguishable. I was spoilt for choice at Lanka.

To eat in at Lanka cafe and patisserie. I enjoyed a rum baba cake, with traditional English breakfast tea. 

You receive a tea pot, with fresh steeping tea leafs and a tea strainer.

The rum baba cake at Lanka was perfect. Visually, and most importantly taste wise. Rum baba is a soft sponge cake soaked in rum. With fresh whipped cream sandwiched in the middle. Fresh berries, and a sweet. Sticky glaze to top. 

The rum baba cake truly was divine. With the perfect amount of each ingredient. Not overwhelmingly sweet. The fresh raspberries and blueberries added that welcome sour tang.

Service received throughout my time spent at Lanka patisserie was genuinely attentive and warm. 

The chef in passing greeted me. Asking how my cake was. I was glad that I didn't need to lie! Some soothing classical music played in the background whilst I enjoyed my tea and cake at Lanka. 

It was a refreshing change from commercial radio, and quite fitting for Lanka patisserie.

Lanka Cafe review
Lanka Cafe - Green tea tart

I couldn't leave Lanka without taking home some more treats. Along with one of their unique. Fragrant tea selections. 

To take home, I ordered a slice of raspberry and chocolate tart. Coconut and passion fruit macaron and a green tea tart slice. My tea of choice was deluxe quality. 

A blend of black and green ceylon tea. Petals from three different flowers. Orange peel, vanilla and honey. It was a tough decision. As so many of the teas on offer at Lanka patisserie smell wonderful.

The deluxe quality tea delivered on aroma. Tasting notes are subtle. Giving a floral change to your standard black tea. 

The green tea tart is smooth and creamy. With a generous amount of white chocolate curls on top and a firm biscuit base.

Impressively. Lanka bake 20-25 different cakes each day. From a selection of over 60 varieties! 

At the counter were some branded Lanka merchandise. Such as key rings and brooches. Plus some cake pieces to sample for free. 

With each purchase at Lanka is the option for gift packaging. In boxes and bags which feature the sleek Lanka logo.

It's not often I'm this excited to blog about a cafe and bakery. I'm happy to declare that Lanka patisserie met all my requirements. 

Lanka is quite high end in terms of quality. I can tell that Lanka take extreme pride in all aspects of their business, and I wish them continued success.

Since becoming a Lanka tea convert. Regular shop bought tea just won't do anymore! 

I particularly love their deluxe quality tea and Royal delight teas. 

Deluxe quality captured my attention with it's beautiful scent. A delicious blend of ceylon black tea. Green tea. Marigold petals. Rose petals. Corn flower petals. Orange peel. Vanilla and honey flavour.

It wasn't until I ordered the Royal delight tea online that I realised I had been missing out on another of the stunning teas available from Lanka patisserie. 

After just one sip. Royal delight became my new favourite. 

It's a stunning blend of Ceylon black tea, Marigold petals. Blue mellow petals. Rose petals. Apple flavour. Grape flavour and Wild strawberry flavour

lanka london

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This is a review of Lanka patisserie in London. Lanka is a cafe and bakery in South Hampstead, London. Green tea tart. Cake and pastries are on the cafe menu at Lanka patisserie. All information was correct at the time of listing. Lanka patisserie is described online as "Classic and inventive French-style pastries and Ceylon teas served in a narrow, contemporary space."  Further details taken directly from the Lanka Patisserie website are as follows : Opening Hours : Tuesday - Saturday 10:30-18:30, Sunday 11:00-17:00 Monday Closed  Telephone : 020 7625 3366
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