Croissant variants you need to try in 2023

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Croissant variants to try in London

"Original croissants are perfect just. The way. They are" - I agree! However, I'm impartial to any well made. Buttery, flaky pastry. 

So here I am. To save the day with my guide to all the yummy croissant alternatives available across London! 

Round croissants

The circle croissant 

The viral supreme croissant is also dubbed the NYC croissant and differs in shape from the traditional Austrian born crescent rolls we all know and love. 

The supreme is a circular. Cream-filled croissant. Which first went viral online when it made its debute at New York City's Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery in April 2022.

Supreme croissant

Versions of this round croissant can now be found in cafes across London. Click here for my ultimate supreme croissant guide.

The cube croissant 

My first experience of a cube croissant was as part of a three course breakfast at Tiffany's - Tiffany blue box cafe that is. 

The croissant cube, half dusted in icing sugar is unique to Tiffany blue box cafe. With a vanilla or lemon cream filling. 

Thankfully, you don't have to splash out on a luxury, three course breakfast to enjoy a croissant cube. 

Just head to Le Deli Rebuchon in Mayfair where they are baked large in size and available in a variety of flavours. 

The croissant cube is also available from Karma Bread bakery in Hampstead Heath for your croissant cube fix.


The cruffin

A cruffin gets its name from the fact that it's kind of shaped like a muffin. Some of the cafes debuting delicious cruffins have sadly come and gone here in London. 

In present day they can be devoured in a number of flavours from here or here. 
"Every cruffin I've ever had I've loved with all my heart" - Danielle,

The Cronut "aka crodough" 

The Cronut. Is what happens when you mix the best of both worlds - a croissant with a doughnut!

It's the hybrid you never knew you needed! Cronuts are available at Rinkoff bakeries and dum dum doughnutterie in Euston.


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