Date night at STK Westminster

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Date night at STK Westminster 

STK Westminster is a stylish steak lovers paradise. It's the perfect special occasion bar and restaurant for those that like to receive excellent service from start to finish. 


With your own waiter introduced to you by name who'll take care of your table throughout your stay.

Start - or finish your night at the stunning bar. With a comfortable bar seating area over by the dj booth.

Cocktail menu

Lively music plays through the night and the restaurant is decked with stunning floral displays for the perfect photo opp.

The menu at STK Westminster is marvelously lengthy. Particularly the mains options. You'll wish to come back to try more for sure! 

STK menu

We tried every cocktail on the menu at STK and every single drink tasted delicious. With nothing being too sour or too bitter to palate. 

STK Steakhouse

I've had experiences where drinks made with bitters are way too bitter, but not here at STK Westminster.

If you don't fancy a cocktail, you can receive wine pairing advice from the in-house sommelier.

London Steakhouse

My first drink of choice was the delicious Sun Wrays cocktail. A sweet, fruity beverage containing rum. Peach, orange and passion fruit. 

Truffle mac and cheese

My husband enjoyed the spiced Watermelon. With spices - true to its name around the rim of the glass. It's an interesting cocktail featuring patron. Lime juice. Watermelon syrup and tabasco. 

STK Westminster

My starter was a generously sized cesar salad bowl. With fresh chopped lettuce and crunchy focaccia bread. Deliciously flavoured with fresh parmesan cheese and anchovies. 

Cesar salad

STK menu

I also enjoyed the tamarind chicken wings starter, with perfect crispy. Glazed skin. Fresh spring onion and peppers.

My second drink of the night might just have been my favourite. With many other drinks on the cocktail menu not far behind.

STK London

The sweet-heart cocktail containing one of my favourite spirits - disaronno. Deliciously combined with strawberry, passion fruit and vanilla. 

Mac and cheese

For our main courses. My husband and I both chose items from the STK Steakhouse section of the menu. First you choose your cut of beef. With your server there to help you decide. 

Steak restaurants London

Next choose how you would like it cooked. 
Then choose from some very interesting butters. Toppings and sauces. 

I chose a Japanese wagyu fillet. Truffle butter and a pepper crust topping. My sauce of choice was the STK bold. A spicier take on the STK bbq style sauce. 

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The best dish of the night award goes to the Truffle mac and cheese! Deliciously hot. Cheesy macaroni pasta with the perfect Crust and soft. Stretchy mature cheddar cheese inside. 

Whilst the truffle flavours come through perfectly. I can't wait to go back to STK Westminster and enjoy this dish again! 

STK menu

Dessert was a warm chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream. With brunch menus and Weekday lunch. I highly recommend STK Westminster. 

Our date night visit reminded me of our previous date at STK London strand branch. Click here for that review. 

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