The roof bar which doubles as an art gallery and has a cocktail meal pairings

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London's Artistic roof bar

Did you know? There's a roof bar in town. That doubles as an art gallery and has a unique food and cocktail pairings menu? 

Roof bar

There are few things more delightful than a night out on the town with friends, enjoying good food and conversation. But what if you could add an extra layer of entertainment to your evening? 

That’s exactly what this roof bar in East London is offering. An art gallery, with a menu of food and cocktail pairings to match. 

Hanging wall art in a roof bar

PocketSquare is a gorgeous hidden gem of a roof bar. Situated in Whitechapel, East London. With lots of plush. Indoor seating and panoramic views in league with that of other popular London roof bars. 

Both indoor and outdoor guests have the privilege of soaking in those city skyline views from up on the 9th floor above the Hyatt Hotel.

Roof bar in London
Aurelian cocktail 

PocketSquare is equally great for groups. Friends and lovers. With intimate tables. Cosy sofas. High tables and outdoor seating.

PocketSquare roof bar also doubles as an art gallery. Allowing visitors to browse and even purchase the artwork displayed on every wall around the roof bar. It is an amazing way to pass the time while you wait for your food and drinks to arrive. 


What makes this roof bar so unique. Besides the art gallery is their menu. All signature cocktails are designed with fictional characters in mind. 

What's even cooler is that cocktails are paired with the food options at this roof bar.

London roof bar

I chose to stick with the suggested cocktail pairings for each dish I ordered at PocketSquare. Sat in the center of the bar. With the city skyline twinkling away in the distance. 

My first dish was tempura chicken with sweet chilli sauce. The chicken arrived nice and hot. Tasted fresh. Perfectly flavoured with a delicious batter. It arrived in an edible dragons nest of fried. Paper thin rice noodles. 

Unique cocktail
Whimsical cocktail 

The suggested cocktail pairing for this dish is the Aurelian. A bright yellow cocktail that arrives in a plume of smoke. Thanks to dry ice hidden beneath some hay. It makes a great Instagram moment.

It was the perfect match for the tempura chicken. So I understand why Aurelian is the suggested cocktail pairing for the dish.

Drinks London
Curioser cocktail 

The beef meatball slider is a delicious mini burger presented in a glass cloche. Smoke wafts out of the glass dome to reveal charcoal burger buns and a juicy. Flavoursome beef meatball. The burger has the most delicious bloody Mary Ketchup sauce. 

This dish is paired with the stoker cocktail. A cocktail that is a nod to Dracula. This bitter sweet drink contains blood orange and pumpkin spice. Grand marnier grenadine is presented in a syringe. Allowing you to sweeten the cocktail to your preferred taste. 

London fashion week
London fashion week images

Next came my favourite drink of the night. Actually one of my all time favourite cocktails ever! The 101 cocktail based on cruella deville. It's a glamorous drink presented in a champagne glass. 

I was so impressed by how accurately this prosecco cocktail tasted of guava. A fruit juice that I absolutely love. The finishing touch for this stunning drink is the silver glitter pieces floating amongst the bubbles.

Halloumi fries

The accompanying dish was equally as impressive. Halloumi fries like I've never seen them. With black. Charcoal batter and some black and white spotty mayonnaise sauce. It tastes as good as it looks. 

Bar London rooftop

I also tried a little of my husbands beef shin pie which was perfection!

Roof top London

My final dish at PocketSquare roof bar was dessert. Big enough to share. Three injectable donuts with the softest 'just made' taste. To check out any special events happening at PocketSquare visit

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