Cedric Grolet at the Berkeley Review

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Cédric Grolet at The Berkeley Review 

After my first passing visit to Cédric Grolet at The Berkeley I fell in love. All of the freshly made cakes and pastries are unique. Using only the finest quality ingredients. 
Knightsbridge cafe
Luxury breakfast at the Berkeley cafe 

Not only do the inventions here look like true edible art. Everything tastes as good as it looks! 

You leave with your treats packed away in some of the most luxurious packaging available. Perfect for gifting. 

Food London

The gold and white packaging matches the gorgeous interiors of the bakery.

It's a bright space. Designed as a high end pastry 'lab' by French interior designer Rémi Tessier. The space features Cédric Grolet's unique branding design of carved flowers and Lemons in 3d. 

The berkeley cafe

Polished stainless steel and scallop floor tiles represent apple slices found in the ‘tarte aux pommes’ Cédric enjoyed as a child. 

With sleek white counters and a gilded ceiling. A glass screen hangs over the central, gold engraved counter.

No detail is left out. At the immersive chefs counter sessions. There are tall, pink counter seats. Perfectly matched to the waitresses uniforms. 
Cedric grolet fruits
Mango illusion cake by Cedric Grolet 

Budding chefs can enjoy an up close presentation at the Chefs counter during a pre-booked session. Where a menu of signature sweet and savory tastings are served with champagne. Yes please! 

My first visit in the summer of 2022 saw me taking home a delicious chocolate mousse cake and a vanilla flower. 

The vanilla flower is a permanent menu item and one of Grolet’s best selling creations in Paris. It tastes so good, so I can see why it's popular.

Lavender latte

Cédric Grolet patisserie can be found at the Berkeley Café inside 5 star hotel - The Berkeley in Knightsbridge. 

The cafe across the road from iconic Hyde Park. For Cédric Grolet, this is his first pâtisserie outside of Paris.

Cedric Grolet is one of the hottest names in the French pastry world. With millions of Instagram followers. And people queing for his own unique style of dessert making.

Grolet’s signature illusion cakes imitate the look of fresh fruits. During my second visit to the Berkeley cafe. I ordered a mango dessert, which looked extremely realistic.
Breakfast London
Flower waffle from the breakfast menu at the Berkeley Cafe 

Flavoured with mango and bergamot. It contained a molten filling made of cream and preserved mango puree. The realistic mango skin is made from a colourful chocolate ganache.

Cédric Grolet has also added realistic looking hazelnuts to his impressive collection of illusion cakes. 

Luxury breakfast awaits at the Berkeley Café. Where on my second visit I was seated for breakfast.

Here one can indulge in a three course breakfast or choose individual items from the A la carte menu. 

My order was a lavender latte and pain au chocolat from the a la carte breakfast menu. Whilst hubby had the flower waffle with tea. 

Lavender lattes include freshly ground coffee with a lavender infusion and arrive with pretty, purple coloured latte art. 

Cedric Grolet London

The pain au chocolat was delicious. With a crisp. Flaky outer pastry and soft. Stretchy inner pastry swirls. Hidden deep within is some delicious chocolate with a slightly unique taste of high quality chocolate! 

It's worth noting that the Cedric Grolet at the Berkeley pastry and desserts menu changes every three months. So there's always a reason to go back again. And again.. And again!

Both the Flower shaped waffle and French toast come served with chantilly cream. Our friendly waitress advised us that the French toast is the sweeter of the two. 

With the flower waffle a more savoury breakfast dish. I enjoyed the taste and texture of the waffle. We were also offered a choice of jam or maple syrup as a complimentary extra. 

It's best to pre-book your table in the Berkeley cafe, as we almost didn't get a table. Even though we visited in their quieter season of January.

Service throughout was exceptional. I'm always happy to pay a bit extra for really warm. Welcoming service. 

Cédric Grolet at the Berkeley is certainly one of the most luxurious breakfast locations in London. 

From the moment we arrived. The head waitress offered to take our coats to the cloakroom, which is always an impressive extra touch. 

The cosy Berkeley cafe overlooks the glamorous. Open plan kitchen and counter where Cédric Grolet's creations come to life. 

From midday at the Berkeley Café. You can enjoy Goutea by Cédric Grolet. It's where the French tradition of sweet snacking and the English's love of afternoon tea combine. 

You'll also be happy to know that Cedric Grolet at The Berkeley is open well into the evening with a 7pm close. Whilst the cafe itself is open for all day dining until 10.30pm.

To take home, I also ordered a chocolate Swisse and chocolate custard Tart. 
For me the Swisse by Cédric Grolet is an upgrade on the pain au chocolat. With perfectly crisp, crunchy pastry and lots of delicious chocolate inside. 

My favourite of all the pastries and desserts I've tried by Cedric Grolet are the chocolate mousse cake. Chocolate custard tart and the Swisse. 

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