Trying the UK's first plastic negative chocolates

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Prodigy are the manufacturer of the UK's first ever plastic negative chocolates!

Their motto "eat no evil" is backed by their all natural. Plant based chocolate ingredients. With 60% less sugar than typical chocolate bars.

Healthy chocolate

There are six tasty chocolate bar flavours to choose from. All prodigy chocolate bars are high in fibre for gut health. And the wrappers are compostible and biodegradable. 

Prodigy chocolatiers also fund the removal of 10 ocean-bound plastic wrappers. For every bar of chocolate sold. Making this the most guilt free chocolate on the market!

What's more. These chocolate bars are letterbox friendly for contactless delivery. So there's no need to wait at home for your chocolates to arrive.

Whilst I enjoyed every single bar. I was pleasantly surprised that the sea salt and dark chocolate bar was my favourite of the six. 

Milk chocolate with whole hazlenut pieces was in close second. However every bar tastes delicious. 

Prodigy chocolates are the healthy and ethical solution to what used to be a guilty pleasure! 

There's a plant based. Low in sugar bar to replace most peoples usual. Unhealthy store bought favourite. Such as the coconut cahoots. Similar to a bounty chocolate bar.

Whilst the peanut and caramel cahoots bar is regularly described as a vegan snickers at half the sugar!

There is even a Terry's chocolate orange alternative. 

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