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Standing Home Office Desk Review 

I was recently gifted an amazing Sanodesk standing workspace. Which finally brought my home office dream to life! 

I had been thinking about a home office space. Way before any global pandemic. 

My husband makes music at home and I work freelance as a content creator. 

Home office
I absolutely love what I do. However I can struggle to feel motivated as a Freelancer. Especially because I'm not currently doing any remote work. 

(I sometimes like to work from different places in warmer months.)

It wasn't until I received a stunning new standing desk, that I realised a quality. Home office space is crucial in motivating me to take what I do more seriously. 

I'm working towards becoming a full time blogger. Journalism was the plan when I left college after all. Plus i'm very passionate about my health. 

So when I found out my new desk had both a standing and sitting option. I was over the moon! 

In modern times. Most of us are guilty of spending far too much time sitting. This sedentary lifestyle is extremely bad for our health. Posture and circulation. 

If you don't wish to stand all day. Or every day when working. The E7 Sanodesk space can also be used in a seated position. At the quick touch of a button. 

The desk smoothly and quietly goes up or down. It was quick and easy to install and i'm amazed at how well my standing desk fits into a corner of my living slash dining room. 

I chose a white desk and it really suits my home. Plus the desk is very spacious. 

We currently have a vibration power plate placed beneath our standing desk. This way we can also fit in a quick workout whilst working or studying. 

All digital nomads need to get themselves a standing desk. As it's too easy to slouch on the sofa. Or work from your bed. 

Standing desk
Which is no good for our mental or physical wellbeing. 

Whether you work from home. Like many people do in current times. Or you commute to work. You really should upgrade to a standing desk. 

Given the added bonus that standing desks allow you to cram in an exercise whilst you work. 

Most power plate machines can be used whether you're sitting or standing. So it's perfect for my standing desk. 

To think. I almost threw my vibration exercise machine away! 

If you're not keen on a power plate. There's also a cool desk bike available to purchase. Alongside the standing desk of your choice from Flexi spot.

My E7 ergonomic standing desk in white has everything I need. With a smart control panel. Anti-collision system and a child-lock as part of its streamline design.

Flexispot currently have a Christmas sale Up to 35% OFF until the 10th of January. The E7 Standing Desk can be purchased in a range of colours at

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