Gourmet popcorn flavours you must try

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Gourmet popcorn flavours you must try

Happy national popcorn day! What better day than this to review a gourmet popcorn company. 

Joe and Seph’s are a British. Gourmet popcorn manufacturer and I've been a fan for years. 
As a popcorn lover and gourmet foodie. It makes sense that Joe and Seph’s pop them. 
Gourmet popcorn
Out of more than 10 popcorn flavours that I've tried so far. The following are my absolute faves. 

Before I get into my favourite flavours. Let me first sing the praises of Joe and Seph’s popcorn for possessing the perfect crunch to chewy ratio in every bag of popcorn. Always really fresh and with hardly any annoying kernels. 

Joe and Seph’s lovingly handmade popcorn comes in a range of interesting flavours. Like Salted caramel in a dark chocolate cup. 

I love their Caramel and Belgian chocolate popcorn. Which happens to be the winner of gold Great taste award 2012.

It tastes noticeably different to plain caramel and pure Belgian chocolate. Caramel and white chocolate popcorn is another delicious treat. 

With a crisp. Creamy taste. Double chocolate popcorn is coated in milk and dark chocolate and it's a dream come true for chocoholics like me. 

My three all time favourite flavours so far are the Honey and toasted sesame. Winner of great taste 1 star 2015. It is so delicious.

Brandy butter with Spanish brandy is another indulgent treat and the gourmet selection. Consisting of three chocolatey treats. The double chocolate popcorn. Caramel and Belgian chocolate and popcorn pieces dipped in a chocolate cup.

As well as other unique. Sweet popcorn flavours. There are some outgoing savoury combinations too. Including none other than a Guinness concoction. 

Joe and Seph’s products are beautifully packaged. Making such unique. Memorable gifts. The chocolate stars popcorn is a cute design and the white chocolate with raspberry is a tasty treat. 

There's a loyalty scheme when you register online. And points add up quickly. Plus as it's national popcorn day. Joe and Seph’s have a site wide 10% discount! 

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