Ways to cherish precious photos

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3 Ways to Cherish Precious Photos

For most of us, it’s impossible to count the number of pictures on our phones of our kids, pets, and other family members. Whenever they do something cute, funny, or even if they’re just asleep in a way that tugs on our heart strings, we always crack out the camera. 

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But, when the phone storage is a little tight and it’s time to make some room, what can you do to keep hold of those pics? We’re going to check out 3 ways to cherish those pictures so you don’t have to feel bad about deleting them.


It’s natural that the first option to explore is how to display your photos somewhere where you can see them every day. Photo frames of all kinds are available for whatever set-up you want to have. Multi-photo frames are great for showing off a series of your favourites, especially if you have multiple children and a large family; everyone gets a slot so you can see the whole crew together.

For those exceptionally special photos, you can use a silver photo frame. Silver picture frames are perfect for photos you want to treasure forever. When you’ve taken that all important ‘first’ photo of your new baby – whether it is a photo or even an ultrasound – keeping it in a silver photo frame is perfect for highlighting its importance. 

There are a lot of silver photo frames specifically intended as christening gifts – since silver is the traditional christening gift – and these photo frames are perfect for your favourite baby pics.

There are other ways to have your photos on display without using a typical frame. A cork board filled with your favourite memories is a fun afternoon activity you can do together with older children, adding mementos from various trips and days out etc. 

You can hang it in their bedroom when they’re finished and know that together you created a wonderful memory by taking the time to think about your display.


If we put every picture that we loved up on the walls, most of us would lose sight of the wallpaper. Storing our pictures needs to be a realistic option, then. Storing some photos physically rather than keeping them on your phone is a useful avenue, however, since then you can switch out the pictures on display every now and then to mix things up in your d├ęcor.

Photo albums are the best way to keep all of your pictures in order. If you want to keep things as organised as possible, you can sort your photo albums by year, or a larger time frame. That way, when you’re searching for that one specific picture, you should be able to find it a lot easier than the age-old slog through every photo album in the house.

It’s understandable, however, if you think that storing your physical photos sounds like it would take up too much space in the house. If this is the case, there is more reliable digital storage available than just your smart phone. 

External hard drives are the solution to the ‘low storage’ issue faced by those of us with a photo addiction. You can upload photos from your phone to your laptop or PC, and then add them to your external hard drive. 

Great space savers, external hard drives come in a range of storage sizes, and can contain all of your important digital documents (and photographs) so that in the unfortunate case of your laptop or PC’s untimely death, you haven’t lost all that you found important enough to back up.


Reduce, re-use, recycle is a motto that many of us have heard since we were children, and it can apply to photographs just as it can apply to our plastics, clothes, and almost everything else. When it comes to re-using photos, or just generally finding different ways to use them, there are a lot of craft-oriented options to explore.

Using your photos to make cards and calendars as gifts for other family members is a great way to spread the memories. You can send the cutest pictures of the kids to your parents as a green gift that they’re sure to cherish.

Something else you can try out with pictures is using transfer paper. You can arrange a family day of crafts and use transfer methods to put photos on candles, cushions, keyrings, and just about anything else you can imagine. That way, you and the kids can have some fun deciding which pictures to use and what to make together.

These are just a few fun ways to try and mix things up when it comes to your favourite photos. Whether you’re looking to hang up your most treasured memories for all to see, or use a picture to make something completely new. Good luck and happy crafting!

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