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Smile science home tooth whitening 

Smile science is a professional at home tooth whitening system designed for even the most sensitive teeth. 

With everybody staying home a lot more it's the perfect way to give your pearly whites a boost.
Tooth whitening
Designed by Harley Street dentists. Smile science is clinically proven to make teeth up to 8 shades whiter in just ten days! 
You can easily measure your results against the tooth shade chart. Included in the whitening kit. 

The smile science. Professional home tooth whitening kit is really easy to use. First you apply the pre stain remover included to your teeth. 

Next, attach the mouth tray to the led light. Before adding whitening agent to the upper and lower parts of the mouth tray. 

Turn on the blue led light and place the mouth tray over your upper and lower teeth for a total time of twenty minutes.
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There's no nasty taste and I experienced zero sensitivity when using the device. You can get yours at the following link 

My teeth are always extra white right after use. So it's a great device to use just before a night out. Especially if you know you'll be taking pictures.

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