My return to wearing jewelry featuring Daisy

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My return to jewellery - featuring Daisy

I had stopped buying and wearing jewellery for a few years. Choosing to spend my money instead on clothing. As well as saving to travel. Which I did quite a lot of before the last two years happened to us all. 

Minimal jewellery
As this was to be the first time in years I would own some precious pieces of jewellery. I wanted some sustainable. Well made pieces. Pieces that would beautifully compliment my outfits. Rather than overpower them. 

Daisy jewellery was the perfect choice for me. With their chic. Minimal yet unique designs. 

It was an extra special moment when my jewellery pieces from Daisy arrived. Made even more special by the fact my three. Gold jewellery items arrived the day before my birthday! And with valentines or galentines day coming up. Daisy jewellery would make the perfect gift for a special someone. 

Ethically sourced and responsibly made. Daisy jewellery is designed and packaged in classy. Minimal boxes. Perfect for gifting. However, these beautiful pieces were a gift to myself! 

Daisy London

All of the jewellery available to purchase from London designers Daisy is 100% recycled sterling silver. With their gold items plated in 18 carat gold. 

I chose three pieces from their fourth collection. Which is inspired by contemporary sculpture. 

This fourth collection is designed in collaboration with Estee Lalonde. This is Estee's second collection for Daisy London. 

I chose a gold dome ring and two beautiful necklaces. The mother of pearl necklace, which is a best seller and the green aventurine healing stone necklace. 

Daisy jewellery

There's so much variety in the 22 piece collection. With another 32 piece collection on sale from the art deco inspired winter range - palms. 

There's something for all tastes at Daisy London. I was after more minimal pieces and always said if I were to purchase any jewellery moving forward. It would probably incorporate healing crystals. 

So it would seem I was destined to be the owner of a stunning green aventurine healing stone necklace.

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