Cake in the Jungle

The terrace at L'opera Coffee shop review

Stepping into the cosy. Green oasis of L'opera coffee. I was met with a tropical cafe giving jungle vibes. L'opera coffee is such a pretty cafe. Click here to see my complete guide to cute cafes in London. Conveniently located around the corner from Victoria and Albert museum.
L opera
Their green plant installation is hard to miss. On Brompton Road. Knightsbridge. Nearest station is Green Park London. L'opera coffee features a wealth of faux green plants. Pretty hanging lights in a greenhouse front space. With outdoor seating and more greenery on the terrace.

Inside are cosy rugs. Cushions and even games on each table. At L'opera coffee you can enjoy a game of cards or draughts. Along with your food and drinks.

After some indecision. Thanks to the mouth watering variety of cakes on offer. I settled on a cappuccino and slice of Dulce cake.

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L'opera Green Park
The Dulce cake was quite nice. Although not what I had expected. It was listed as being served with fresh fruits. However. Served with fresh fruits it was not. The sponge was a little bit too wet. Thanks to the vanilla milk it was soaked in. With a basic whipped cream topping. I was expecting thick caramel Dulce de leche instead.

There are a decent amount of coffee options to choose from at L'opera. With Turkish coffee and Arabic coffee also an option. Hot and cold beverages including. Teas. Plus mocktails. Fresh juices and more.

The chapati akkawi was scrumptious. A warm. Flaky. Buttery chapati. Served with Olives and chilli harissa.

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