Highly Recommended Couples Staycation in London

Couples Staycation at the Lansbury Heritage Hotel

I checked in to a hidden gem of a hotel. With my husband for a couples only staycation. The destination. Lansbury Heritage Hotel. In Poplar. East London. 
Lansbury Heritage Hotel

The lansbury is a historical. 17th century building. Transformed into a high end. Four star hotel. With attributes of a five star hotel. 

The Lansbury is a romantic. Affordable London hotel. That I recommend for couples. The beautifully restored. Grade 2 listed building stands out in the area. For its charm. With easy nearby public transport options. 

We stayed in what I consider the best room in the hotel. A sky view loft. Near the top of the tower. Which I picked for its unique appeal. 
Lansbury Heritage Hotel sky loft
The view outside our over bed window

The clean. Cosy sky view suite has exposed wooden beams. A stunning. Slanted concrete wall. Which glitters at night. However, the main selling point for me was the sky window. A glass roof ceiling right above our comfy. King sized bed. 

Thankfully. The weather here in London was just looking up. When we had booked our stay. After what felt like an eternity of grey skies and heavy downpours. Blue skies and summer heat had arrived. Meaning we could properly enjoy gazing out of the ceiling windows. 

By day. Blue skies mingle with clouds. And seagulls can be seen and heard. Especially in the early hours. 

I wasn't awake for sunset, but I can imagine that on the right day. It's a wonderful sight. From the comfort of a Lansbury hotel sky loft suite. 

The top of the pretty tower can be seen from one angle. Out the sky view loft windows. Both during the day and at night.
Lansbury Heritage Hotel review
At night it looks especially romantic. Due to soft uplighting on the top of the tower. Stars can also be enjoyed out the ceiling windows at night. Our time at the Lansbury hotel flew past quickly. A sign that we had enjoyed ourselves. 

We also took a trip to the spa at the lansbury hotel. Which is a small. Cosy space. Where you can book many spa treatments. 

It's recommended you book in advance. There is also a two person sauna. With adjacent steam room and a relaxation area. All open to hotel guests from 7am to 9pm.

The lansbury Hotel features soft carpeting. Plush. Velvet seats in lobby areas and beautiful Chandaliers. Not to mention a striking staircase. With a unique golden wall engraving and the word Lansbury in gold letters. 

The bathroom in our sky view loft at the Lansbury Hotel featured a shower but no bath. Delicious smelling toiletries from L'occitane, but only two towels and no wash cloths. It's nice to have an extra towel for your hair. Some 4 and 5 star hotels are a bit more generous with towels.

However. Brand new. Fluffy dressing gowns were provided in the wardrobe. Some slippers would have been the perfect finishing touch! 

Cleanliness standards were good. But not perfect. With a stray hair found in bed linen and the bathroom. The spa steam room floor was quite filthy. As were the loungers in the relaxation area. 

The Lansbury hotel also has its own bar and restaurant. Which were not open during our visit. However. Many restaurants in the bustling canary wharf district are nearby. Should you prefer to eat in. A variety of delivery options are also available. 

The Lansbury include a full English breakfast at an extra fee. There is also a small gym room and peaceful garden terrace in the property. 

The lansbury hotel is a small. Intimate hotel. Not likely to be overrun with guests. Which adds to the feel of romance and comfort.

I would love to revisit the lansbury hotel and stay in the octagonal tower room. With its panoramic views across canary wharf.

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