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Feya Cafe Review 

Feya is one of London's prettiest cafes with two London locations. I visited the prettier of the two. On Brompton Road in South West London. 

We sat in their snug Rainforest style space. The intimate seating area houses three golden birdcages. A dark. Leaf print wallpaper and faux hanging wisteria.

Elsewhere in the restaurant are neon white Feya logos. A unique wall. With white birch tree wood beams. In gold circles. Hanging ivy. A pink seating area in one corner of the cafe and plush velvet chairs in teal and purple. 

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I wasn't particularly hungry. So I ordered a slice of orange polenta cake and a Spanish latte. The orange polenta cake was a huge let down. The only good thing I have to say about the cake is that it was generous in size and very filling. 

The orange polenta cake at Feya looked very plain. I felt the presentation could have been better. Perhaps a slice of orange to garnish the boring rectangular slab of cake. Or a swirl of syrup. 
Feya cafe

I could have easily overlooked the appearance of the cake. Had it made up for what it lacked in appearance in taste. 

The orange polenta cake was one of the most crumbly. Dry pieces of cake I've ever had the displeasure of tasting! 

In all my years of cake eating. I never thought I would ever have to force myself to finish a slice of cake! 

The Spanish latte was too basic for the expensive price tag. It didn't look special and wasn't up there with the best iced coffees I've ever had. To make this Spanish latte. Sweet. Condensed milk is mixed with coffee. Garnished with an edible purple viola flower. 

The pesto pasta salad at Feya was a delicious. Well presented dish. With fresh tomatoes and olives. Pesto and balsamic sauce drizzled into the pasta. 

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I can appreciate Feya for their line of products. With a percentage going towards a good cause. Feya aim to bridge the gender gap and create equal opportunities for women in the workplace. 

With so many rival cafes popping up all over the place. It's important to make a big effort with each and every menu item. Especially as most items are identical. Or at least very similar. In all of the top aesthetically pleasing caf├ęs in London. 

I still recommend a visit to Feya. However I definitely wouldn't purchase the orange polenta cake if I were you. And skip theSpanish latte in favour of the cheaper iced coffee. 

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