Cute cafes in London

Cute Cafes In London

In this era of aesthetic beauty and Instagram worthiness. We need a list of all the pretty cafes London has to offer. Whether you're going with bae. The kids. Family. Solo. Or with your girls. There's a cute London cafe that's just right for you. With food and drink that's just as instagrammable as the decor. 
Cute cafes London

Maitre Choux

Head to Maitre Choux patisserie in South Kensington. This is the best eclair cafe in London. Here you can even enjoy afternoon tea. Sat beneath a very pretty flower installation. To indulge in some delicious eclairs. With your beverage of choice. 

Blu Ivy Cafe

This stunning cafe is in a picture perfect destination. With peaceful canalside views in East London. Blu Ivy cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating. With the most unique ceiling flower installation. Milennial pink walls. Plus delicious. Instagrammable meals. 

Cute cafes in London
Beetroot Rose latte at Coffee Addict in London Victoria 

Elan Cafe

The El&n chain of cafes is one of the most Instagrammable cafes in all of London. With each "eat live and nourish" cafe sporting different designs. All very pretty. Pink and fun by nature. 

Peggy Porschen 

Head to either of two peggy porschen cafes in South West London. This cute cafe has one of the most photographed shop fronts ever. Sitting pretty in pink. With different doorway installations at different seasons. 


Minnow in Clapham is a cafe restaurant with alcohol on the menu. Minnow gives me cute. Rustic vibes. With happy hour every day from 3pm-7pm. It's a must visit. 

Pink cafe London

Saint Aymes

This gorgeous cafe is situated close to Hyde Park. Featuring edible. 24 carat gold amongst their too pretty to eat food and drink offerings. 


It's a cute name for an equally as cute cafe. The Knightsbridge location is the prettiest. With its unique interiors. 

Boulevard London

This cute cafe is close to Regent's Park. Serving dinner as well as brunch til 5pm. The cafe features pretty. Pink cherry blossom trees and equally pretty menu options. 

Beautiful cafe

Fait Maison

Fait maison features one of the best external flower installations of all London Cafes. With cute outdoor dining furniture and an equally impressive indoor space. 

The tea terrace

Head to the tea terrace on Oxford Street for a Prince and Princess themed afternoon tea experience. Or sit down to some other menu options in this cute cafe. That's complete with its own Cinderella carriages. 


This is a beautifully unique place. With purple fur walls amongst the intriguing design of this cute cafe. 

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Palm vaults

Teaming plants with pastel pink walls is my idea of perfection and palm Vaults cafe does it well. 

Knot churros

A cute cafe that serves churros. Count me in! With a pretty. Photo worthy seating area and a lovely flower installation. 

Instagrammable cafes in London
The pretty interiors at Blu Ivy Cafe London 


The pretty hanging faux Wisteria at Aubaine selfridges branch. Is a sight for sore eyes. 

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Farm Girl Cafe

Stop by Portobello Road for some sweet treats and a hot chocolate 

Coffee Addict

Coffee addict is such a cute cafe in the heart of London Victoria. Where even the floor is pink. 

Instagram cafe


Kova patisserie's South Kensington cafe has a cute vibe. With it's minimal chic design. Including a pink sofa and chairs. This is one of my favourite places to sit down to a delicious slice of mille crepe cake. 


Things that make coffee shops and a cafe cute:
Neon signs - Check 
Pink - Check
Plants - Check

If you're after some of the best coffee in London. Head to one of 8 Grind locations in London. Where this cafe is also a restaurant and cocktail bar. It's more of an edgy venue. But the little touches of pink. Cosy plants and with neon signage bring some cute appeal. 

Toi & Moi

Since the addition of a bold flower installation to the exterior of Toi and Moi cafe. The cafe has really gone up on the cute rating. Making for a pretty alfresco seating area. Along with fun photo opps. Floral displays really pop against the dark colour of the cafe. 

The stunning makeover at L'opera coffee. Formerly L'opera of Brompton isn't pink or floral. Yet the impressive jungle vibes of all that lush. Green foliage just makes for such a cute location to enjoy a sit down brunch. 

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