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Busi Cafe and Coffee review

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I initially took a trip to this cafe slash coffee bar. Because of their cute. Unique interiors. I ended up falling in love with the coffee at Busi. 
Iced Rose coffee

A lot of aesthetically pleasing cafes serve easy on the eye. Colourful lattes and other milky drinks. Which deliver only on appearance. Not taste. Thankfully this was not the case for the coffee at Busi. 

I ordered an iced lavender coffee. Which was perfect in taste and visual appeal. Nothing over the top, presentation wise. But the fresh lavender. Frozen into the ice cubes in my coffee looked so pretty. The taste of lavender actually comes through nicely. 

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Busi also have Cbd available to add to any drinks you order. The iced matcha latte which I also sampled wasn't to my taste. 
Busi cafe
Lavender iced coffee and matcha iced latte with cbd

On my second visit to Busi. I enjoyed an iced rose coffee to the sounds of upbeat house. It was as expected. Really delicious. With the perfect amount of fragrant. Flavoursome rose. Plus pretty. Dried rose petals to decorate. 

I'm interested to see what the hot version of these coffees taste like in winter months. 

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