Ideas for dating with a disability

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London date ideas for people with special needs 

As the mother of an autistic teenager. I decided to write about date ideas in London for those with disabilities. 

For official NHS information about Autism click here

Train spotting

Many autistic people often enjoy trains and train spotting. The Renaissance hotel is the perfect hotel for those into trains. Check in to one of the renaissance hotels junior suites. Overlooking the eurostar. For a day of train spotting from the comfort of your hotel suite. Then enjoy some relaxation at the impressive hotel spa. 

Steam Train Journeys 

How about a luxury steam train ride from London Victoria to Windsor. Taking off on Tuesdays throughout summer. You can enjoy a three course meal or afternoon tea aboard the train. 

Sight Seeing

Another hotel of choice would be the Tower Hotel. With its unspoilt views of the iconic Tower Bridge. You and your date can relax in a safe. Peaceful environment. With on site dining and room service. Click here to read my review of this hotel 

The London Eye is another excellent sight seeing choice. The London Eye offers discounted rates to people with ability needs. On world Autism awareness day. The London Eye was lit up in pink. In recognition of their efforts to increase accessibility.

Adult ball pit

Sensory experiences are a big part of an autistic person's life. At Baillie ballerson in East Central. You can enjoy some cocktails. Along with timed sessions in a fun ball pit for adults. 

Autism friendly cinema

Many movie theatres like the Odeon and Cineworld. Provide autism friendly screenings. Where the volume is reduced. Lighting is not so dark and adverts are not shown before the film. People in these screenings are also free to move about.

Autism friendly museums

Just like cinemas. A lot of museums here in London provide autism friendly visiting times. Where rules are less restrictive and less visitors are allowed in to keep a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Autism friendly theatre

As with autism friendly cinema screenings and museum trips. A trip to the theatre can normally be a little overwhelming for people with sensory and behavioural ability needs such as autism. This is why some theatre times are with special needs guests in mind. Providing a more peaceful atmosphere.

If you. Or someone you know has a disability and is interested in finding that special someone. A quick online search for disabled dating sites should point you in the right direction.

Pottery Cafes

How about a trip to a pottery cafe in Fulham or Battersea. Here you can enjoy the sensory touch of clay. And express yourself artistically through painting. All whilst enjoying something to eat or drink
In an informal setting. Once your creation is complete. You can take it home. Or gift it to your date. 

City Farms

With mudchute farm and Surrey docks farm both offering views of the city along with hands on animal experiences. The Surrey docks farm even have a gardening club for people in the community with ability needs. Here you can grow your own vegetables. 

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