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Top London Eclair

In my pursuit of becoming queen of desserts it's only right I do a "best eclair in London" write up. 
Eclair London

I've always loved a good chocolate eclair or two. They're light, creamy and chocolatey - the perfect combination.

An eclair is a long finger like choux pastry. It's usually filled with cream and usually topped with soft chocolate icing. Eclairs are apparently the number one pastry of choice in France, and they're the cousin of profiteroles. 

Since its humble beginning in the 19th century. The eclair has had a major upgrade. Feast your eyes on my personal favourites. These are the best tried and tested luxury eclairs that London has to offer.

Maitre Choux

Maitre Choux is king of Eclairs. With more than five eclair flavours to choose from. Their whole patisserie is focused on different variations of the eclair. 

My favourite eclair from Maitre Choux is their passionfruit eclair. With its tangy. Creamy taste, and crunchy icing balls to top it off. This delightful eclair is has just the right amount of sour and sweetness. 

My second favourite is Maitre Choux dark chocolate eclair. With its delicious chocolate cream mousse filling and thin dark choc disc on top.

Sit down to enjoy a Maitre Choux eclair or afternoon tea. In their pretty South West London Chelsea cafe. Or pick some up from one of two other London locations. Or at bicester Village in Oxford. 

Belle Epoque 

Feast your eyes upon these beauties.
Eclairs - Belle epoque patisserie
Belle epoque patisserie eclairs
The pink Belle Epoque eclair is raspberry and lychee flavour. It's supposed to taste like rose. The white discs on top are a smooth, milky white chocolate. The shiny pink icing is quite thin and not very memorable in terms of taste. The filling is fruity, with a mild sharpness. I couldn't make out the rose or lychee though.

The green Belle Epoque eclair is apple and ginger flavour. The real pieces of ginger on top aren't too overpowering. The green fondant topping tastes a little powdery and not very flavoursome. The filling is a mild apple puree, and the flowers on top are smooth, milky white chocolate. I got a bit ahead of myself buying this eclair to be honest, as I already knew it wouldn't be a taste preference of mine. 

The gold Belle Epoque eclair is filled with a smooth vanilla creme brulee. You can see black vanilla specks, which is a good sign. The topping is a lovely crisp nougatine. Not too hard. Overall this eclair has a mild taste. It's mildly sweet, and there's a slight tang to it. The dark chocolate logo on top is smooth and creamy.

More recently I tried a delicious chocolate eclair from Belle Epoque which gets 5/5. With its thick chocolate cream filling and thin. Hard chocolate disc topping. 

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