Planning a staycation near London

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Planning a staycation near London 

It can cost a lot of time and money travelling far away from London without going by air. 
Thankfully. There's so much to do here in the UK and close to the capital city. Without ever having to leave the ground to fly abroad. 
Lulworth cove

As a travel blogger. I'm usually off somewhere abroad. However. Given current circumstances. I'm quite inspired to explore more of the United Kingdom this summer. So in this blog post. I'm sharing things to do. In some of the small and medium sized cities. Closest to my home city London. 

Things to do in Brighton 

The beach town of Brighton is quite a popular destination for Londoners. At under an hours distance from London by train. It's no wonder. Brighton is the home of one of the world's oldest cinemas and the world's oldest aquarium! 

When booking accommodation. I like to stay somewhere unique. Brighton has a really unique hotel. With themed rooms at the hotel pelirocco. I especially like their tropical paradise room.  

After a day on the pier. Skimming rocks at the beach and enjoying all the fun of the fair. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining. As Brighton has more restaurants than anywhere else in the country. 

With five Michelin star accredited. Fine dining restaurants as well as cuisine from all continents. And of course. Traditional seaside favourite. Fish and chips. 

There are some beautiful locations for pictures in Brighton at the Brighton pier and the Royal pavilion. Whilst the devil's dyke in Brighton is the perfect place for a hike. Scenic views with a picnic and spot of kite flying. 

Staycation in Cambridge

If you can't get to Venice. Cambridge is the next best thing. Enjoy a punting boat trip along the river cam. If fine dining is your thing. You'll be glad to know there are four michelin starred restaurants in this city. Where you can dress to impress for a fancy meal. 

Make it an overnight experience with a stay at one of the luxury cottages in the heart of Cambridge. 

What to do in Oxford

You'll be in Oxford after a speedy 1 hour 30 minute journey from London. To spend a day marvelling at the narrow walkways. Riverside and baroque architecture. 

After a day spent wandering around the pretty city of Oxford. Enjoy a cocktail at one of Oxfords top cocktail bars. Then check in to one of a number of stunning hotels available in Oxford. 

I'm especially loving the old Bank hotels terrace suite. You can also enjoy punting down the river in Oxford too. 

Where to go in Bristol 

Bristol is two and a half hours away from London. With the beautiful clifton suspension bridge as its main feature. The world's first ever bungee jump took place right here! 

Enjoy fine dining. At one of three michelin starred restaurants in the city. 

In Bristol I enjoyed an exciting overnight family stay at camp baboon. A safari held at the wild place project. 

We stayed in our private mini wooden cabin. Had a private evening tour of the animals and did some bushcraft skills. 

The next morning we were up enjoying more private time with animals like zebras. Baboons. Cheetahs. Giraffe and even grizzly bears. 

The wild place project in Bristol is the only place home to European brown bears in England! 
Thousands of years ago, European brown bears lived right here in Britain. Bear Wood at the wildlife project tells the story of British woodland from 8000 BC to present day. With wolves, lynxes and wolverines also there to be discovered.

Things to do in Berkshire 

Berkshire is just under two hours from London. Home to a number of places on my UK travel bucket list. The Royal borough of Windsor is a great starting place.

Take a tour of Windsor Castle and enjoy chocolate making in the shop opposite. Walk from the castle to windsor long walk. To enjoy free roaming deer. Plus take the kids to legoland. Which is excellent for families of younger children. 

Accommodation I recommend in Berkshire is the runnymede Hotel and Spa. A four star hotel with three restaurants. 

Enjoy this side of the river thames. With a picnic. Weather permitting. Afternoon tea and a river row. 

The five star Cliveden House in Maidenhead is another hotel I have my eye on in Berkshire. Featuring an outdoor pool and fine dining. 

You also have horse racing at Ascot. With the main event taking place in June. Where it's a chance to dress up and enjoy a full weekend of activities. Alongside the main event. 

You could even charter a cruise to or from Berkshire and London. 
Durdle door - Dorset

Staycation in Dorset 

In Dorset, you can walk the jurassic coast and enjoy the famous beach of Lulworth cove. Before heading on to the unique beach next door called durdle door. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. 

Amongst Lulworth Cove and Durdle door. Dorset is also home to a selection of sandy beaches like Bournemouth beach. 

We had a really fun family weekend in Dorset. Enjoying the coastal walks and pebble beaches. Before spending a night in Bournemouth. Somehow we managed it all with a buggy and baby in tow! 

Things to do in Surrey

Surrey is the home of Thorpe Park. One of England's best theme parks. It is also the location of the stunning box hill. A picturesque location. Perfect for soaking in some fantastic views as well as sun. Weather permitting.

Enjoy a swim in the water and wander across stepping stones at the nature reserve beneath the hill. With wild cherries to pick in season. With a number of five star. Luxury accommodation to choose from. You'll be spoilt for choice in Surrey. 

Why not see another part of the river thames. At Kingston upon Thames in Surrey. Here you can enjoy a relaxing Riverside walk. 

Take some iconic phonebox photos at the old London road. Here a row of red telephone boxes are stacked like a row of falling Dominoes.

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